Zoya Akhtar: Archie comic was a large part of my childhood | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Zoya Akhtar: Archie comic was a large part of my childhood | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Zoya Akhtartalked about his deep relationship with Archie Comic On IFFISaying, “The ‘Archie’ comic means the world to me, writing about it Feature film It was an honor but still challenging.” The director shared his desire to capture the innocence, innocence and enduring friendships portrayed in the iconic comic within a two-hour cinematic narrative tailored for today’s younger generation.
Talking about the intricacies of turning a comic into a film, Akhtar said, “It was a big part of my film.” childhood. The characters are iconic and universally loved, and bringing a film that evokes the nostalgia of a generation that grew up on comedy and still resonates with today’s young adults offers a whole new experience in scriptwriting. she does.”
Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater expressed immense pride in the film, and spoke about the global resonance of Archie Comics and its special relationship with fans in India for over 50 years. Goldwater praised the filmmakers for maintaining the authenticity and integrity of each fictional character throughout the film, reinforcing the Archie team’s pride in this cinematic adaptation.
Director of Content at Netflix India, Ruchika Kapoor Shaikh called the film a cultural gem emerging from India, ready to connect with a global audience through Netflix. “This is a big moment for Netflix India, where we get a global franchise for the first time in the history of Archie Comics by making a feature film. It’s a cultural film coming out of India that will also connect with a global audience.” he commented.

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