Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ defies critics, soars to #1 on a popular OTT platform despite poor reviews – Times of India

Zack Snyder's 'Rebel Moon' defies critics, soars to #1 on a popular OTT platform despite poor reviews - Times of India

Prior to the release of “A Child of Fire,” the first installment in a two-part saga continuing with “Part Two: The Scarecrow,” critics painted a bleak picture for Rebel Moon. With a score of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, strongly labeled as “rotten” by the review aggregator website, the film met with a challenging reception. Despite negative reviews, Rebel Moon It was a huge hit on Netflix, emerging as the most-watched title on the streaming platform during its premiere week.
Success beckoned. Zack Snyder, the director expressed his gratitude in a video shared on X, thanking the global audience for making “Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire” the #1 movie on Netflix worldwide. Captioning the post, Snyder said, “We did it Rebels! Thank you for making Rebels Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire the #1 movie on Netflix WORLDWIDE! Can’t wait for you to see Part Two!” Can: The Scargiver April 19.” In the video, he added, “Thank you to all my fans around the world, for making Rebel Moon the #1 movie on Netflix.”

Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scarecrow Teaser: Sofia Boutella and Ad Screen Starr Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scarecrow Official Teaser

Even during the holiday weekend, Baaghi Moon continued to draw significant viewership on Netflix. Despite receiving poor reviews, it overtook both of Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles films in the top 10 rankings. Super Mario Bros. Movie, which has been doing well since its arrival on the platform, also trailed Rebel Moon in viewership over the Christmas weekend. Rounding out the top 10 after “A Child of Fire” are “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” “Leave the World Behind,” “The Christmas Chronicles.”Gran Turismo“”Family Switch“”Vineyard Vacation,” “White Christmas,” “Leo,” and “The Christmas Chronicles 2.”

Co-author Kurt Johnsted Of Rebel Moon addressed the unfavorable reviews of the film, saying that the reviews had nothing to do with the performance. Given the film’s high viewership, Johnsted Argued that the film’s emotional depth, vulnerable characters, and gripping storyline could resonate with many viewers. He encouraged people to see the film for themselves, emphasizing its emotional core and captivating visual elements. According to Johnsted, “People are either going to love it and stick with it, and I think what this movie has is an emotional drive and a core and characters that are vulnerable.” He concludes by inviting the audience to watch the film, emphasizing its emotional resonance and visual grandeur.

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