‘Would be distressing when history judges presiding officers harshly … : Mallikarjun Kharge replies to Jagdeep Dhankhar’s letter | India News – Times of India

 'Would be distressing when history judges presiding officers harshly ... : Mallikarjun Kharge replies to Jagdeep Dhankhar's letter | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said on Monday Chairman of the Rajya Sabha Jagdeep Dhankhar’s letter to him “unfortunately vindicates the arbitrary and arrogant attitude of the Government towards Parliament.” Kharge and Dhankhar have been involved in an exchange of letters both raising questions over the impasse in Parliament that led to the suspension of 146 opposition MPs.
Dhankhar wrote a letter to Kharge last Saturday and invited the Congress chief to his residence on December 25 to discuss the issue of disruption of Parliament and suspension of opposition MPs.
In his letter, Dhankhar had said that the disruption in the House was deliberate and part of a strategy. He also questioned the role of Congress in the disruptions. “I do not seek to embarrass you by pointing out the default role of the main opposition party in this discussion, but when I have the opportunity to speak with you,” Dhankhar wrote in his letter. Will share with you.”
In his reply to Dhankhar’s letter today, Kharge urged the vice president to look into the concerns raised by him “objectively and impartially as chairman of the Rajya Sabha”.
The Congress chief responded to Dhankhar’s allegation that the disruption in Parliament was “deliberate, strategic and pre-planned”.
“You have mentioned that the breakdown was deliberate and strategic and premeditated. I would like to submit that if anything, it is a mass of opposition MPs from both Houses of Parliament. The suspension seems premeditated and premeditated by the government and, most of all, Kharge said in his letter, was, regrettably, executed without a second thought, just like the India Party. This can be seen from the suspension of an MP who was not even present in Parliament.
The Congress president also questioned the role of presiding officers in passing bills without any discussion in the absence of opposition members.
“It will be painful when history judges Presiding Officers harshly for passing bills without debate and not holding the Government accountable. It is disappointing that the Honorable Chairman feels that the suspension affects the legislative function. “makes the work of legislation easier by passing it without debate,” he said.
Kharge accused the ruling party of “playing the weapon”. Suspension of Members of Parliament “As a handy tool to undermine democracy, sabotage parliamentary procedures and strangle the Constitution.”
“If some privilege movements are also weaponized to suppress the voice of the opposition, it is a deliberate design of the ruling system to weaken the parliament. By suspending MPs, the government has a total of 146 MPs. is effectively silencing the voice of the electorate,” said Kharge.
“As the custodian of the House, the Speaker must protect the right of the people to hold their government accountable in Parliament,” Kharge said in his letter.
“The Chairman should also note well that the government has shied away from accountability on all the important issues like the serious border incursions by China, or the continuing unrest in Manipur or the recent intrusion into the Lok Sabha, which has been one of the BJP’s The MP had facilitated the entry.” Kharge wrote in his letter.
In his letter, Kharge said that a Union minister had allegedly informed an opposition MP that most of the opposition MPs would be suspended before the home minister was present in the Rajya Sabha.
The Congress chief wrote, “We would have expected the Chairman to be questioned as to whether such a threat was actually issued. Such comments seriously damage the Chair which we believe should be followed by suspension of members of the House.” has the final authority to run,” wrote the Congress chief.
Responding to Dhankhar’s comment that the Congress veteran’s refusal to meet him during the winter session of Parliament was not in keeping with parliamentary procedures, Kharge wondered if any discussion in the chairman’s chamber would lead to this. It helped when the government was not willing to run the house.
Kharge wrote, “I agree with you that we need to move forward. The answer lies in the Constitution, the Parliament’s parliamentary practices and the inherent belief in democracy. In Parliament, I would humbly say that if the Govt. If you are not interested in running the House, it cannot be answered in the debates in your Houses. While I am currently out of Delhi, it will be my privilege and indeed my duty. As soon as I return to Delhi, your See you at your earliest convenience. Best wishes to you all for 2024.”
This is not the first time that the Congress president has questioned the role of presiding officers in the current standoff between the government and the opposition.
Addressing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee last week, Kharge said that the biggest challenge now is the people holding constitutional positions, who are responsible for providing security to the opposition MLAs, protecting themselves, the region and their profession. They are becoming part of party politics by using it as a shield.
Without naming Rajya Sabha Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, Kharge also said that he had failed to fulfill his obligations under the Constitution.
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