Won’t get into action by central agencies, says EC | India News – Times of India

 Won’t get into action by central agencies, says EC | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Making public your report card on law enforcement Model Code of Conduct In the first month of the election, the Election Commission said on Tuesday it had decided against acting on requests from opposition parties to prevent alleged “misuses”. Central agencies Like CBI, Ed And NIA Targeting their leadership, as she did not want to interfere with the legal process.
“The Commission was guided by constitutional wisdom when presented with live situations involving political persons who are under active consideration and orders of courts based on criminal investigations. remained staunchly committed, but did not see fit to take any steps that would overlap or override the statutory judicial process. MCC Report Card.
The opposition had approached the Election Commission several times to block election-time raids, searches and arrests against rival parties and their leaders, calling them “misuse of central enforcement agencies” by the BJP. Examples were described. As reported. TOI Earlier, the EC, after examining the matter, concluded that it had little legal scope to intervene and direct agencies to stop actions being taken in accordance with their statutory mandates. Follow legal procedures. It was of the view that any aggrieved party is free to approach the court for legal remedies, as is already being done in cases like the alleged Delhi Excise Policy scam.
Making its move to implement the MCC in public is a first-of-its-kind exercise by the EC, which it says is doing so “for the sake of promised transparency” and “so that certain Misgivings and provocations sometimes surfaced from the constituencies. However small or limited, it was noticed and stopped.”
The EC said it has removed officers holding dual duties as Principal Secretary (Home) or Additional Chief Secretary (Home) and Principal Secretary to Chief Ministers at the beginning of the polling period. “Four of the six states where self-transfer was ordered by the EC are ruled by the BJP,” an EC official said. Non-cadre officers posted as DGP West Bengal, DMs and SPs and officers having family ties with the candidates were also automatically transferred.
Taking a strong stance on statements against women’s dignity, the EC condemned such remarks and asked violators to Superya Sharant and Dilip Ghosh be careful in future. He also wrote twice to the Congress President Mallikarjuna Kharge asked him to stop his party colleagues from making such indecent comments, and sought details of the action taken. On Tuesday, the EC barred Congress MP Randeep Surjewala from campaigning and giving media interviews for 48 hours for his derogatory remarks against BJP’s Hema Malini.
The EC said that around 200 complaints have been filed by various political parties and candidates across the state. Action was taken in 169 of these cases. 38 out of 51 complaints received from BJP were processed, 51 out of 59 from Congress and 80 out of 90 from other parties.
“The rate of action on complaints from other parties is higher than that received from the BJP,” said a commission official.
The EC recalled that it had met 16 delegations from seven parties during the last month. Such delegations also met Chief Electoral Officers at State/UT level. Besides, redressal of grievances at the level of DMs/SPs, CEC has personally trained over 800 of them to handle MCC grievances.
A total of 2,68,080 complaints were on the CWeagle platform, which is for citizens. Of these, 2,67,762 cases were processed and 92% were resolved in less than 100 minutes on an average.

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