Winds Help Disperse Pollutants, But Relief Not Likely To Last Long | Delhi News – Times of India

Winds Help Disperse Pollutants, But Relief Not Likely To Last Long | Delhi News - Times of India

New Delhi: Air quality improved from ‘very poor’ on Monday to ‘poor’ on Tuesday as wind helped disperse pollution. Overall Air Quality Index (AQI) was 286 compared to 330 a day earlier. However, of Delhi AQI Friday is forecast to reach the higher end of the ‘very poor’ category.
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According to IMD officials, winds blowing at an average speed of 18 km per hour during the day caused the pollution to spread. However, winds of up to 15 kmph are expected during the day on Wednesday and are expected to calm down in the evening.
According to the Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi (EWS), “Air quality is likely to deteriorate significantly on December 22 and is likely to touch the upper end of the ‘Very Poor’ category. The next six days out The outlook is that the air quality is likely to worsen on December 23 and 24. The air quality is likely to remain in the very poor category during December 25-27.
Delhi has not seen any ‘severe’ air quality in December so far, but the AQI remained mostly in the ‘very poor’ category.
Meanwhile, the city’s base station Safdarjung recorded a minimum temperature of 7.8 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. However, Jafferpur and Mangeshpur recorded a minimum temperature of 6.6 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was 23.5 degrees Celsius, one degree above normal.
“Under the influence of the Western Disturbance, the wind direction has changed due to which the temperature has increased. The effect of the Western Disturbance is likely to last for the next two to three days,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, Scientist and Head, Regional Weather. The forecast centre, IMD, said. Another western disturbance is likely to affect the region next week, he added.
Light fog is likely during the morning hours for the next few days.

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