Will DMDK sail without Captain? | Chennai News – Times of India

Will DMDK sail without Captain? | Chennai News - Times of India

Eighteen years after it was launched in his native Madurai on September 14, 2005, Vijayakanth’s Desiya Merpuku Dravidar Kazhagam (DMDK) is at a crossroads. will do DMDKOnce referred to as a Alternative Two major Dravidian parties – DMK and AIADMK – survived in office Vijay Kant?
Political pundits say the response is not encouraging, unless Vijayakanth’s wife and DMDK’s new general secretary. Premlatha Vijayakanth performs a miracle.
From a party that shocked the state’s political landscape with an 8.3% vote share in the 2006 assembly elections, it has deteriorated to the point where it got less than 0.5% votes in the 2021 assembly elections. While the low share is also due to the fact that it contested only 60 seats, the party only had to contest so many seats which shows its declining importance.
When the actor-turned-politician disappears from the scene, his fans stick to his memory, but not necessarily his workers. A political party who came together because of the founder’s charisma. Here is the challenge for the successor.”
Only a fraction of DMDK’s vote base was made up of fans. The other part formed voters who wanted change. When they feel the party is dying, they vote for another party,” says a former DMDK MLA.
Although opinions are divided about Premlatha’s political acumen, activists see her as a courageous woman with great administrative skills.
A senior district official of Central TN says, “The captain ran the party like a family, not like a company. A large section of the workers find it difficult to see Premlatha, his brother LK Sudheesh or son Vijay Prabhakaran replacing their beloved leader.
The DMDK is now not only suffering from a leadership crisis but also lacking competent commanders. Several leaders like Panruti S Ramachandran, K Pandiarajan and VC Chandrakumar have left the party. Vijayakanth was fearless when he resigned because he knew that his cadre of admirers would remain loyal to him despite the defection of such leaders. But for the neutral voter, who supported the DMDK in the hope that the party would offer an alternative to the DMK and AIADMK, such defection eroded confidence.
Panruti S Ramachandran, who was chairman of the DMDK presidium for eight years, is apprehensive about the future of the DMDK. “Now the DMDK is becoming irrelevant and it will be a tough task for Premalatha to build the party,” says Ramachandran.
For Premlatha and his son Vijay Prabhakaran, rebuilding the party without Vijayakanth may prove to be a difficult task.

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