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It often happens that even after eating the right kind of homemade food, we feel heavy, constipated and lack energy. Wonder why? Well, one of the reasons could be not eating in the right proportion. In a video on Instagram, nutritionist and author Rojota Divekar once shared that to feel light, energetic and happy, it is important to eat grains, millets and pulses in the right proportions. Scroll down to read the details.
According to her Instagram post, it’s important to eat your food in the right proportions. “Keep a ration of 3:2:1 between grains: pulses/vegetables: pickles/salads/yogurt,” she says.
What are the benefits of eating in the right proportions?
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According to Rojota, it eliminates abstinence and deprivation. Food diversity is built by default. It appeals to all the senses; It is good for the eyes and taste; – Improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, eliminates constipation, bloating and acidity. And it improves satiety and makes you feel light and energetic.
How to eat in the right proportions
According to Rojota, it’s important to break out of the diet cycle and shift the focus from portion to proportion. She says, “The only way to break out of this diet cycle and stay fit for life without depriving yourself of the goodness of food is to eat in a balanced way. So the answer is in the right proportions. Not portions.” “
So what is the correct ratio?
According to her post, it’s a timeless way to eat our food in a way that provides maximum nutrients, enhances flavor, and even looks visually appealing to our eyes. And this way of eating, in all regions and cultures of our country, uses the following ratio:
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50% of your plate should be rice or roti or millet (grain).
35% pulses and vegetables (and meat if non-veg)
15% should be papad/pickle/salad/yogurt etc.
And what should be done?
According to Rojota, food should be eaten in the right posture and position. Also, taking a short walk after meals and drinking water only after 40-45 minutes promotes better digestion and energy levels. She recommends not sleeping right after eating and trying to eat your last meal 2 hours before bedtime.
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