Why Arshdeep Singh thanked KL Rahul after winning man of the match award | Cricket News – Times of India

Why Arshdeep Singh thanked KL Rahul after winning man of the match award | Cricket News - Times of India

New Delhi: Arsdeep Singh Experienced the pressure of going without a wicket in the fourth ODI of his career. Now, he has a moment to cherish for a lifetime after taking his maiden five-wicket haul in India’s dominant victory over South Africa in Johannesburg on Sunday.
Arsdeep claimed figures of 5/37 as the Proteas were bowled out for 116. He looked a bit tired, didn’t realize the Wanderers were at a higher altitude, and ran out of breath after the first four overs. I didn’t take any wickets. I was happy with the fifth (taking five wickets). The wicket was bought early and the plan was to get some lbws and bowl,” the left-arm seamer told the broadcasters. during the innings break.
After that, during ‘Player of the matchPresenting the award, Arsdeep thanked his captain. KL Rahul To encourage him to chase the fifth wicket.
“I’m feeling a little pain (now) but loving the moment. Thanks to God and the team management. It’s a little different from normal grounds because I was running out of breath. I thank KL Rahul bhai. Will do as they said you have to. Come back and get that Pfeiffer. I guess it’s about enjoying the moment,” said the young man.

He made a change in the recent T20I series and looked deadly with the new ball here.
The Punjab player said that his and the team’s success is all about adaptation.
“Personally it feels good, I’m enjoying my role. The main goal of our team is adaptation. Whether I’m opening or bowling first change, I’m happy to represent my country. It’s quite hot too. I was playing 50 overs. After a year of playing. But it all paid off, and after my five, I feel very fresh,” he said at the break.
The team’s think tank was confident that the offer would be on as the surface looked rough but, to their delight, India got to bowl when there was more moisture under the surface.

BCCI retires MS Dhoni’s iconic jersey number 7 in honor of his contribution to Indian cricket

“We thought the surface would also be abrasive but there was a little moisture on the surface.”
Captain KL Rahul was happy to finally get a win as captain on South African soil. During the previous series in 2021-22, Rahul lost the only Test he captained and was dropped in that match. ODI series 0-3.
“I lost three ODIs last time here as captain. It’s good to get a win here in South Africa today,” the skipper said.
Rahul also talked about how he thought spinners would come into the picture but the two fast bowlers bowled well beyond imagination.
“The plan was to bring the spinners into the game, but the opening wicket helped a lot and the boys (pacers) bowled really well.”
Rahul also acknowledged that due to the sheer volume of cricket, there will be many changes in the teams in each series.
“The way cricket has been played in the last couple of years. You have to rest some players, you prefer one format all the time. Now it’s T20s and Tests. But we want to get those who can play their game. Doing well. Everyone is doing well in first class and IPL too, good to get a taste for them too.
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