When ‘aliens’ descended on Washington: ‘US getting dozens of UFO reports a month’ – Times of India

When 'aliens' descended on Washington: 'US getting dozens of UFO reports a month' - Times of India

The search for truth in the realm of the unknown is a challenging endeavor. However, in 2023 the conversation around unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and foreigner Science fiction evolved from the stuff of movies and jokes to a serious topic addressed in congressional hearings.
In 2023, Washington DC became a focal point for UFO-related activity, but not in the way many might expect, as Space.com notes in its year-end report. There were no dramatic landings or sightings of alien spacecraft. Instead, the year was marked by the establishment of new government offices and websites, extensive legislation, and numerous hearings.
In a report to Congress in October, the Defense Department revealed that over an eight-month period, it had received more than 270 reports of unidentified paranormal phenomena, commonly known as UAPs or UFOs.
The report, which covers the period from August 30 last year to April 30 this year, found no evidence that these UAPs originated from space. Although the origin of these UAPs is unconfirmed, none has been definitively identified as foreign, the possibility is under investigation.
The report emphasized that while the mere presence of UAPs in airspace posed a threat to flight safety, there was no indication that these UAPs dangerously interfered with the flight paths of civilian or military aircraft. created access or obstructions, and did not pose an immediate threat to their safety. The plane is observing them.
Despite hopes of a major revelation about UFOs, no hard evidence has emerged to substantiate sensational claims about unknown, physics-defying craft and their possible occupants.
However, a significant event occurred on February 1 when a large white orb, initially thought to be a the sound, was identified as a Chinese surveillance balloon. The incident led to increased scrutiny of similar incidents, with some being reclassified as espionage activities.
In April, Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, testified that there was no credible evidence of extraterrestrial activity or technology violating known physics. Most cases of UAP were attributed to mundane sources such as balloons or unmanned aerial systems.
NASAThe independent UAP Study Group, which was formed in 2022, reached similar conclusions in September, saying that claims of superhuman intelligence would require extraordinary evidence, which they did not find.
Political interest in UFOs peaked with the introduction of the Unidentified Paranormal Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023 by Senators Chuck Schumer and Mike Rounds. The purpose of this act was to declassify government records related to UFOs/UAP.
The most sensational UFO-related incident of the year was the testimony of three former US military personnel, including David Gersh, who claimed that the US government had a long-standing UAP crash recovery and reverse engineering program. However, no evidence has emerged to support these claims.
In August, the Pentagon’s AARO office launched a website to report UFO/UAP sightings near national security areas. By the end of the year, Congress approved legislation to release some official records related to the UAP, although many felt the final amendment was weaker than initially proposed.

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