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The festive and holiday season is here and it’s time to give some thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. Here is a list of some of our latest picks for the best Christmas and New Year 2024 gifts that you can buy to impress your friends and family.
Baked Goodies: What’s Christmas without a bag of baked goodies? You can pick up hampers from France’s world-renowned bakery giant Delifrens. The brand recently launched its first store in India. The 100-year-old bakery is known for its traditional French goods and baked goods. Their orange cakes and cookies are a must try.
Recently launched, this wonderful gift from 7 Bazaar has been specially developed with the brand’s bestsellers combining the rich flavors of Maamoul Spiced, Nut and Honey Rocks and Sweet Hunger Granola with special Christmas crackers. are This thoughtfully curated collection is designed to delight your taste buds and add a touch of sweetness to your holiday celebrations.
You can also order authentic Mattanchere Spice Matured Plum Cake online for those who can’t imagine celebrations without plum cake. Served with limited availability in Kochi for decades, this cake has always held a special place in the hearts of many, creating a sense of nostalgia. The culinary story of the exquisite Mattanchere Spice Matured Plum Cake begins in the magical days of yesteryear when two visionary bakers from Thalassery embarked on an extraordinary mission to create an unparalleled plum cake that later served as the iconic casino of Kochi, Kerala. It was revealed in the hotel. With aromatic spices and hand-picked currants from the lush regions of Mattancherry and a double maturing process introduced by CGH Earth Group Mentor Chef Varki, Mattanchere Spice Matured Plum Cake promises a wonderful gastronomic adventure.
The Ritz-Carlton’s exclusive custom Christmas getaways and treats are the perfect way to express your love and make your holiday celebrations even more special. The hotel’s Christmas collection is festive and boasts a wide range of the finest Christmas goods, including premium wines, and luxurious chocolates, to ensure that everything in the hamper is of the highest quality.
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Ayurvedic goodness: A hamper of Rasanaim can be a perfect gift for Ayurveda devotees. From healthy Medina ajwa and Moroccan medjool dates to Kashmiri saffron and pure amla juice, you can enhance your gift with these healthy offerings that not only tantalize the taste buds with delicious flavors but also the essentials. They also provide nutrients, ensuring a happy and healthy holiday season.
Drinks: For those who can’t imagine their celebrations without drinks, a hamper of golfers shot can be a thoughtful gift. Golfers Shot 18 Hole Whiskey is blended with imported Scotch malt, the finest Indian grain whiskeys, and malts aged in oak casks. With a well-rounded finish and smooth taste, the whiskey is perfect for the winter season.
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With the onset of winter, consumers prefer beverage options that taste good and provide warmth and immunity. The Tetley Green Tea Immune range includes a wide range of flavors such as basil, naturally sweetened with mango flavor, lemon and honey, ginger, mint and lemon. Packed with the goodness of antioxidants and vitamin C, Tetley Green Tea Immun ensures a revitalizing experience with every sip. You can show concern and care by choosing this gift for tea lovers.
Greater Dawn by NAO Spirits is the first craft gin and the only London Dry Gin made in India. Crafted from botanicals sourced from around the world, the white spirit tastes of clean juniper with fresh lemon peel on the nose and a hint of ginger on the finish. Light alcohol can be used with tonic water and flavored mixers to create and enjoy a refreshing cocktail with your family this festive season.
For Cognac lovers you can choose Meukow VSOP Superior. With notes of leather and wine, coffee and vanilla, Meukow VSOP Superior has been awarded several times in the most prestigious competitions and tastings around the world. Its roundness is the result of the meticulous selection of eaux-de-vie that goes into its blend and requires a minimum aging that is one year longer than traditional VSOP. The richness and sophistication of Meukow VSOP Superior aromas, and the strength of its mellow tannins give it a unique, long-lasting taste.
‘Seagram’s Longitude 77’ Indian Single Malt Whiskey can also be a wise choice. It is produced in small batches at a distillery in Dandori, Nashik (Maharashtra), carefully crafted for those seeking authentic contemporary Indian luxury. The flavor profile is rich and mellow with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and fruit. The pack also includes a postage stamp – a symbol that reminds us of the best that India has to offer the world.
Clothing and Accessories: Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece or a trendy accessory, Voylla can be a great choice. Here you can find a diverse collection but with budget-friendly options, it’s the perfect choice for thoughtful and affordable Christmas and New Year gifts. From delicate necklaces to chic earrings, Voylla’s range caters to a variety of tastes, ensuring you find the ideal gift in your preferred price range.
This Christmas, elevate the spirit of giving the perfect gift that combines comfort, style, and durability – pants from the Pant Project. These carefully crafted pants aren’t just a wardrobe essential. They embody a commitment to quality and ethical production.
For watch lovers, the Casio Vintage collection can also be a creative option. It takes inspiration from classic designs from the past, and these two timepieces are no exception. With their timeless appeal, they capture the essence of tradition and nostalgia, making them a meaningful gift choice.
For women who love a blend of contemporary and modern fashion, choose gifts from Imara. It focuses on creating stylish and trendy clothing that caters to the taste and preferences of modern women. The brand’s clothing line includes a variety of categories such as ethnic wear, western wear, fusion wear, and accessories.
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