‘We aren’t stopping and won’t stop until victory’: Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu – Times of India

'We aren't stopping and won't stop until victory': Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu - Times of India

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel was doing “everything possible” to return the hostages taken by Hamas. Gaza Streep added that “military pressure” is needed for the effort to succeed. He said Israel will not stop until victory, The Times of Israel reported.
In his remarks to the Knesset, Netanyahu said, “We are not stopping and we will not stop until victory because we have no other land and no other way,” as he asked the hostages’ families for encouragement. .
During a special parliamentary session attended by the hostages’ families, the Israeli prime minister said, “We will not stop fighting,” adding that “we need time.” “We don’t have time,” cries a relative from the Knesset gallery, after which the family chants “Now! Now! Now!” They shouted slogans and demanded the immediate release of the hostages.
Netanyahu said he reached out to the Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin The hostages and his wife Sarah appealed directly to the pope to intervene, The Times of Israel reported.
In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, forces from the Nihal Brigade raided two schools in the suburbs of Daraj and Tafah in Gaza City. The IDF said the raids were carried out after a tip-off that Hamas operatives were hiding in the compound.
The IDF believes that Hamas’ Daraz Tafah Battalion is the last standing battalion in northern Gaza. According to the IDF, troops encountered and killed several Hamas gunmen during the raids. Dozens of explosive devices, assault rifles and 15 explosive belts were recovered from the complex. In one incident, a Hamas terrorist fired a missile at soldiers from a school.
Earlier in the day, Benjamin Netanyahu visited a war zone in the coastal region of Palestine. He said the war against Hamas in Gaza is not over yet, The Times of Israel reported.
“We are not going to stop, we are continuing to fight and deepening the fight in the coming days, and it will be a long fight and it is not close to being over,” he said at a meeting of the Likud faction in the Knesset. We need to be patient, united and stick to our mission.”
Netanyahu said he visited the reservist brigade in Gaza today. Addressing the cabinet, Netanyahu said, “Everyone has asked me only one thing: that we will not stop and continue until the end.”

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