US top court not to speed up Trump immunity clash – Times of India

US top court not to speed up Trump immunity clash - Times of India

The US Supreme Court declined to immediately rule on whether former President… Donald Trump In a setback to prosecutors’ efforts to begin a trial on March 4, he is immune from prosecution for trying to overturn his 2020 election loss.
The justices, without explanation or public dissent, indicated they would allow it. Federal Court of Appeal Get a first look at the appeal of the ruling that rejected Trump’s immunity claim. Reprimand of the Special Counsel Jack Smith As the primaries for the 2024 election begin, important questions about the former president’s legal fate remain open.
US Court of Appeals for DC circuit The case is being heard on an accelerated schedule, with Trump’s opening brief on Saturday and arguments scheduled for Jan. 9. The case will almost certainly return to the Supreme Court after the appeals court rules.
Still, Friday’s action could mean a delay of weeks or months. The trial judge overseeing the case has stayed it until the immunity issue is resolved. “This makes it more likely that the March 4 date will be pushed back, even if the D.C. Circuit rules too quickly and affirms the district court’s denial of immunity.” Mary McCorda former federal prosecutor.
Jim Zarin, a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, said the March 4 date probably won’t stick, and the question now is how soon the trial could go ahead. He said the Supreme Court order gives Trump ammunition to delay the trial and possibly prevent it from happening before the election.
But the fact that none of the court’s three Democratic appointees has issued a dissent suggests they are not overly concerned about the possibility of Trump’s gamesmanship, said the University of Texas constitutional law professor. Stephen Vladek said.
The SC’s one-sentence order indicated that Justice Clarence Thomas participated in efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory despite calls for his recall due to his wife’s involvement.

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