‘Upcoming contacts at the highest level,’ Russia drops hint of possible meeting between Putin-Xi – Times of India

'Upcoming contacts at the highest level,' Russia drops hint of possible meeting between Putin-Xi - Times of India

New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin Can meet your Chinese counterpart. Xi Jinpingthe The Kremlin Dropped a hint but did not give a time frame for a visit to Beijing.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov casually dropped a hint while responding to a question about the Russian president’s possible visit to China, saying Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Beijing was in preparation for “upcoming high-level contacts.” can be seen as
“In fact, such contacts are planned and their necessity and necessity are assessed given the high level of friendly relations between the Russian Federation and China,” Peskov told reporters.
“But we still think it’s premature to specify any time frame. We’ll let you know everything as soon as we’re ready.”
Lavrov is currently in China and met Chinese President Xi Jinping and his counterpart Wang Yi. During the meeting between the foreign ministers Russia And China agreed to open Eurasian security talks aimed at “dual retaliation” to the US-led Euro-Atlantic alliance.
“We have a common goal of increasing security in Eurasia,” Lavrov said at a press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Beijing on Tuesday.
“We agreed to start dialogue with our Chinese friends and to involve other like-minded countries with us.” Lavrov added that Wang proposed the idea of ​​a “dual countermeasure” to the US and its allies in response to the West’s “double deterrence” against Russia and China.
Lavrov also said that Russia and China have confirmed that there is no possibility of holding meetings to resolve the conflict with Ukraine when Russia’s position is ignored, this June in Switzerland. I refer to the peace conference organized with the support of Kiev. Ukraine’s allies see China’s presence at such a conference as crucial to making the move a success.
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