UN says Swedish citizen faces Iran execution ‘shortly’ – Times of India

UN says Swedish citizen faces Iran execution 'shortly' - Times of India

Geneva: The United Nations warned on Saturday that an Iranian-Swedish citizen faces imminent execution. IranAfter a Swedish court upheld the conviction of a former Iranian prison official.
“Disturbing news that Dr Ahmad Raza Jalali may soon be executed for ‘enmity against God’.” United Nations The Human Rights Office said on X.
Jalali was sentenced to death for espionage in 2017, which Stockholm and his supporters have dismissed as unfounded.
Before his arrest in Iran in April 2016, Jalali was a visiting professor of disaster medicine at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, a research university in Belgium.
The UN rights office said his execution could be imminent “despite the failure to respect fair trial and due process standards”.
“Iran must stop this execution.”
The comments came amid fears that a Swedish appeals court ruling upholding the conviction of former Iranian prison official Hamid Nouri could jeopardize the fate of many Swedish prisoners in Iran.
‘serious danger’
Amnesty International warned on Friday that Jalali in particular was “at grave risk of extremely retaliatory execution” after a court this week upheld Nouri’s life sentence for crimes committed during the 1988 purge of dissidents. Who was
Nouri, 62, was convicted of “gross violations of international humanitarian law and murder” in the killing of at least 5,000 prisoners across Iran.
The crackdown is widely seen as retaliation for attacks by the exiled opposition group People’s Mujahideen of Iran (MEK) at the end of the Iran-Iraq war.
Sweden prosecuted Nori under its principle of universal jurisdiction, which allows it to try a trial regardless of where the crimes took place.
Since the appeal decision, “increasing evidence indicates that Iranian authorities are threatening to execute Ahmad Reza Jalali in retaliation for his unacknowledged demands for perverting the course of justice in Sweden.” “, said Amnesty’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa. .
“The cruel toying with Ahmadreza Jalali’s life shortly after the Swedish appeals court upheld (Nouri’s) conviction and life sentence … raises concerns that Iranian authorities are targeting Sweden for prisoners,” he said in a statement. Ahmed Raza Jalali is being held hostage to force his exchange.” .
Iran has previously used detained foreigners as bargaining chips to secure the release of its citizens abroad, and Swedish media reports have also speculated about the possibility of a prisoner exchange.
Jalali is not the only Swede to be held in Iran.
Johan Floderis, a 33-year-old EU diplomat, was arrested in Iran in April 2022 as Nouri was on trial at a lower court in Stockholm and has now been detained for more than 600 days.
Floderis’ trial began in Iran this month, with Tehran accusing him of conspiring with Israel and of “corruption on the ground,” one of Iran’s most serious crimes, which carries a maximum penalty of death.
The UN rights office said on Saturday that Iran “needs an immediate moratorium on all death sentences”.
According to human rights groups, Iran executes more people each year than any other country except China.
In a November report, the Norway-based Iran Human Rights Group said the country had executed more than 600 people so far this year, the highest number in eight years.
Amnesty said on Friday that Iran “recently embarked on another alarming execution, with at least 115 people executed in November 2023 alone”.

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