UK Tories Face Another By-Election After MP Ousted in London – Latest News | World News – Times of India

UK Tories Face Another By-Election After MP Ousted in London - Latest News | World News - Times of India

London: British Rulers… conservative Another possibility is to face the injury. by-polls Early the following year, voters in a central English constituency suspended its Tory lawmaker from parliament over allegations of misconduct.
Competition for Peter boneThe seat of Wellingborough will be the 20th by-election since the last general election in 2019, in which the Tories – in power since 2010 – lost their majority.
Another defeat in Wellingborough, a conservative Conservative constituency in the recent election, would put more pressure on incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Singh ahead of a general election expected sometime next year.
Sink has failed to revive his party’s fortunes since becoming UK leader in October last year, consistently trailing in the main. laborer Defeated the opposition and by-elections by double-digit margins in the elections.
The latest contest in Wellingborough, which could be held in February, comes after at least 10 percent of voters there signed a petition to “recall” Boone, with results announced late Tuesday. has been.
MPs will officially confirm the by-election date when they return from the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Boon recalled this after he was suspended from parliament for six weeks in October for bullying and sexual misconduct against a staff member.
An independent panel that investigated the claims found he had “perpetrated multiple acts of bullying and sexual misconduct” against a member of his staff in 2012 and 2013.
Boone has denied the allegations.
In a statement late on Tuesday, the 71-year-old – who has represented Wellingborough in Parliament since 2005 – again insisted the allegations were “totally false and unfounded”.
He added that in the new year I will have to say more on these matters.
Boon could stand in the upcoming by-election, but likely as an independent he was expelled from the Conservative Parliamentary Party after the panel’s report was published in October.

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