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Space Minister Jitendra Singh says that Russia's Rs 16,000 crore moon mission has failed, India's Chandrayaan is Rs 3,600 crore.

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio shared an amusing incident involving two tomatoes that went missing during his work on the Exposed Root On-Orbit Test System (XROOTS) experiment on the ISS in 2022.
On its official website, NASA wrote “Two rogue tomatoes have been recovered nearly a year after astronaut Frank Rubico accidentally lost track of them while harvesting them for the XROOTS experiment.”

XROOTS experiments focus on growing plants using hydroponic and aeroponic techniques, which are important for future space exploration missions.

NASA described how during Expedition 70, during the space station’s 25th anniversary celebration, the lost tomatoes were unexpectedly found, dehydrated and slightly crushed but unusually microbial or fungal. were free from breeding. “Other than some discoloration, there was no microbial or fungal growth,” the agency wrote.

According to NASA, during his 371-day stay on the space station, astronaut Rubio also studied VEG-05 using the Veggie facility to grow dwarf tomatoes. The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of staff perceptions on light quality, fertilizer, fruit yield, food safety, nutritional value, and taste of space produce.

Now, while the Lost and Found set of tomatoes aren’t being brought back to Earth for analysis, ongoing studies of plants on the ISS like Plant Habitat-03 are set to return during SpaceX’s 29th resupply mission. are

PlantHabitat-03 is one of the first multi-species plant probes on the ISS, which seeks to understand genetic adaptations among plant species in space. “Results from this study could help identify genetic elements that enhance plant adaptations for space flight and provide insight into how to provide food and other services on future space missions,” NASA said. How to grow repeated generations of crops to do.”

Why is NASA growing fruits and vegetables in space?

When news of the missing tomato first came out, people were shocked. Tomatoes in space? Why would NASA want to do this? Questions from netizens spread like wildfire. From confusion about why vegetables are grown in space to hilarious remarks about losing tomatoes, social media was flooded with reactions. Now after the recovery of these tomatoes, NASA has also revealed why they were growing fruits and vegetables in the International Space Station.

NASA shared on its official website, “The benefits of growing plants in space don’t stop there, astronauts have reported that spending time gardening has psychological benefits, enhancing their quality of life in space, and boosting their morale. Research on the space station is advancing the technology and scientific knowledge needed to successfully grow plants in space and help humans push the limits of space travel, providing food and other vital uses here on Earth. It also helps in efforts to improve plants grown for

Netizens react to the video of the lost and found tomatoes

The comment section of the YouTube video uploaded by NASA is full of humor and classic ‘netizen’ reactions. While one user wrote “Mmmm, sun-dried tomatoes,” another seemed concerned about the damage. User commented “I know everyone is enjoying this story because it’s just about a couple of tomatoes. But as we start preparing for even longer missions for astronauts, I think it shows that the group dynamic is threatened if something important is “missing”. This time it was a tomato. What if it was an essential tool for regular maintenance?

While reactions on social media have varied, one thing is certain. The fact that the recovered tomatoes show no signs of mold is a testament to the scientists’ hard work and achievements in making fresh produce accessible to astronauts in space.

Space Minister Jitendra Singh says that Russia's Rs 16,000 crore moon mission has failed, India's Chandrayaan is Rs 3,600 crore.

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