Tourists swamp Manali, traffic jams bring hill station to a halt | India News – Times of India

 Tourists swamp Manali, traffic jams bring hill station to a halt | India News - Times of India

Kollu/Shimla: Massive traffic jam in and around Manali on Monday as thousands of tourists thronged the city for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Majority of people left for Manali after reaching it. Atal TunnelDue to which the traffic on this road gets jammed.
According to Lahaul And Sapti PoliceAtal Tunnel saw record breaking traffic movement in the last 24 hours. “28,210 vehicles passed through the Atal Tunnel, the highest since its opening,” the police department said.
On Monday, around 9,600 vehicles reached the Atal Tunnel between 8 am and 4 pm. Tourists and locals were stuck in traffic jams at several places between Manali and Atal Tunnel, especially Soling And A cheater. Traffic jams were also seen in Sisu near Lahaul and Spiti. Many locals complained about the absence of police to regulate traffic.
Congestion was also witnessed on the roads leading to Tirthan and Parvati valleys due to heavy rush of tourists and lack of proper traffic management. Jams were also observed in these two valleys at places which were destroyed during the monsoon floods and have not been repaired yet.
Both Lahaul and Spiti. And Kello Police have issued a traffic advisory, asking tourists to avoid driving during the morning and evening hours as accumulation of black ice could lead to accidents. The police have also banned all traffic movement in Lahaul and Sapti till Darcha.
A tourist vehicle slipped and fell into the river near Tandi bridge in Lahaul and Sapti district on Sunday evening. All the tourists in the vehicle were rescued by the local police as the water level in the river was low. According to the police, the tourists sustained injuries but were safe.

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