Tourists can now enjoy cheetah sightings inside Kuno, two released in safari zone – Times of India

Tourists can now enjoy cheetah sightings inside Kuno, two released in safari zone - Times of India

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh forest officials have hailed the release of two male leopards as a historic moment for wildlife conservation. Agni And wowfrom fences in the wilderness of clementineNational Park. The decision, aimed at boosting the park’s appeal, coincided with the scheduled inauguration of the Kano Forest Festival, which is expected to be inaugurated by the state’s new chief minister, Dr Mohan Yadav. however,Dr. Yadav canceled his visit after his death. Amir Kuwaiti.
Officials overseeing the release of the cheetahs confirmed the good health of both animals. Both of these cheetahs were strategically released into the Ahira Tourism Zone, a site set aside for tourists to view these magnificent creatures during safari tours.
The Kono Forest Festival, scheduled from December 17 to 21, is set to highlight the region’s cultural heritage and natural splendor. Officials expressed enthusiasm and envisioned the annual event as a highlight in the state’s cultural calendar. In particular, the festival highlights the importance of the Kono National Park, emphasizing its mission-critical objectives of ecology, tourism, wildlife and cheetah conservation.
The Chief Conservator of Forests (Project Tiger) issued an official statement highlighting the release, emphasizing its importance to visitors to the national park.
The decision to release the cheetahs was made after careful monitoring of 15 cheetahs, including seven males, seven females and a cub, kept in an enclosure at Kono National Park since August. The cheetahs were adjusting to their new environment under the supervision of a team of veterinarians.
Recently, the steering committee for Project Cheetah has given an in-principle approval for the gradual release of cheetahs into the wild. Currently, 14 cheetahs live inside the enclosures in Kano, ready for a phased release after a thorough examination by experts. The steering committee expressed satisfaction over the operational strategy after discussions with the forest officers. The committee chairman gathered comprehensive details from the officers and explained the upcoming action plan, as confirmed by reliable sources.
This effort marks a major step forward in concerted efforts to reintroduce and conserve cheetahs in the wild, demonstrating collaborative efforts between wildlife authorities and conservation stakeholders.

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