Tourist rush after snowfall chokes Manali, Atal tunnel and surrounding areas – Times of India

Tourist rush after snowfall chokes Manali, Atal tunnel and surrounding areas - Times of India

Shimla: The Tourist towns of ManaliThe Solang and Atal tunnels in Lahaul till Sisu in Sapti are choked with vehicular traffic as thousands of tourists flock in anticipation. White Christmas After a fresh spell of snowfall in Lahaul Sapti district on Saturday. A total of 12701 vehicles crossed the Rohtang Atal Tunnel from Saturday to Sunday 10:30 am, of which 6571 vehicles entered the Lahol valley while 6130 vehicles exited the valley through the tunnel.
Ahead of Christmas tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh, a large number of tourists reached Manali on Saturday, with most of the tourists moving from Manali to Sisu and Koksar in Lahaul Valley to witness the snowfall. Due to the large number of tourists, there was a 4 to 5 km long traffic jam in Soling. Due to which hundreds of vehicles got stuck in the jam.
As the traffic started getting jammed from Manali to Atal Tunnel and Sisu, the police tried their best to ensure smooth flow of traffic. According to the Kullu police, a large number of tourists from outside states are coming to Kullu-Manali to celebrate Christmas and New Year. To ensure smooth functioning of law and traffic system, Kollu Police has deployed police personnel at various places and action is being taken against those violating the law.
A senior police official said that many tourists from foreign states, who had black screens on their mirrors, were fined, the police issued challans to such vehicles and removed the black screens. Traffic jams were seen at many places on Sunday due to heavy rush of vehicles.
There was traffic jam at many places in Manali on Saturday as well. Normally it takes 45 minutes to reach Atal Tunnel from Manali, but due to traffic jam it took tourists three to four hours to reach Atal Tunnel. Tourists going to Siso took six to seven hours to cover the same route on their way back due to the slippery road after snowfall.
Heavy traffic jams were reported in various areas of Manali, including Mata Hadamba Complex, Circuit House, Club House, Ileo, Rangari, Visheshtha, Koling, Palachan, Solanga Nalla, Hockey Bridge, Dhondhi, and Atal Tunnel. The police faced significant challenges in managing the influx of tourist vehicles.
The Winter Carnival Committee, Manali has decided to make the Christmas celebration special for tourists. The committee has made all preparations for this as there will also be a mega folk dance on Mall Road on the eve of Christmas. More than 1000 women from 100 mahela mandals of left bank of Manali assembly constituency will participate in it. At night, tourists will dance to the tunes of the DJ.

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