Tiger enters village in UP’s Pilibhit, creates spectacle for onlookers | Meerut News – Times of India

Tiger enters village in UP's Pilibhit, creates spectacle for onlookers | Meerut News - Times of India

New Delhi: Panic spread in a village in Uttar Pradesh. Yellow fear District after a full-grown tiger entered a man’s house on Monday night.
The incident took place in Athakuna village, which is located about 20 km away from the Pellibhet Tiger Reserve Forest.
The lion, reported to be wounded, climbed a wall and sat there.
Videos of the tiger have been widely shared on social media platforms.
As the news of the tiger spread, people from the surrounding areas also reached there to see this majestic animal.
Forest department officials reached the village at around 5 am on Tuesday after receiving information about the incident. They have laid a net around the wall and efforts are on to capture him.
Watch A tiger strayed into a residential area in UP’s Pellibhit district, hundreds of people gathered to see the big cat

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