Tick-tock:AI model gets spookily accurate about time of death – Times of India

Tick-tock:AI model gets spookily accurate about time of death - Times of India

Friends, Romans, and Algorithms — A.I You can actually predict when you’re going to kick the bucket. Imagine a machine looking into your future and whispering your expiration date. A new study from Denmark has produced one. AI tool which attempts to do just that, predicting individual ages with disturbing accuracy. “We do this by drawing on a comprehensive registry dataset, which has been available for Denmark for several years, and contains information on life events related to health, education, occupation, income, address and working hours. “We use the technology behind ChatGPT (called the transformer model) to match each person’s sequence of events in their life,” said the Danish researchers. to analyze human lives while presenting them as such,” Sun Lehmann, the study’s lead author, told the New York Post.
How does the AI ​​tool calculate ‘death’?
According to the study – conducted on people in Denmark, first life sequences are based on labor and health records from Danish national registers. The dataset includes records about income, such as salary, scholarships, type of employment, industry, social benefits, etc. Additionally, it records the number of times a person has been to a doctor or hospital, diagnosis history and other medical details.
The study used all of the subjects’ public information and then assigned a digital token. The AI ​​model was able to predict 2020 with 78 percent accuracy. “We can observe how individual lives evolve in the space of different types of events (information about a heart attack combined with information about a salary increase or moving from an urban to a rural area). “
The findings of this research also hold promise for the future of preventive health. According to the study, the model opens up a range of possibilities within the social and health sciences. “Through a rich dataset, we can capture complex patterns and trends in individual lives and present their stories in a compact vector representation,” the study noted.
It is important to remember that Life2Vec and similar models are statistical tools, not fortune-telling oracles. A number of unpredictable factors can affect a person’s lifespan, making it impossible to pinpoint exact dates of death.

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