Thousands flee as paramilitaries gain ground in Sudan aid hub – Times of India

Thousands flee as paramilitaries gain ground in Sudan aid hub - Times of India

WAD MADINI: Paramilitary forces set up a base in the former safe city on Sunday. With Madani In war SudanThousands of people are being displaced, many of whom have already been displaced, an AFP correspondent reported.
Thousands of people have tried to avoid the former. Help Center Since fighting between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) reached Wad Madani on Friday, according to the United Nations.
But they faced prohibitive costs and other hurdles, according to an AFP correspondent.
According to William Carter, Sudan director of the Norwegian Refugee Council, the city was previously “one of the few remaining refuges in Sudan”.
Echoing the brutal civil war in the capital, Khartoum, 180 kilometers (110 miles) to the north, fighter jets flew overhead as explosions echoed across Wad Madani, according to an AFP correspondent who said the RSF had stormed the city. I had established a base. East.
US Ambassador John Godfrey urged the RSF to “halt its advance” on Al-Jazeera state, where nearly half a million displaced people had taken refuge, and “desist from attacking” the state capital of Wad Madani.
“Continued RSF advances risk mass civilian casualties and significant disruption to humanitarian relief efforts,” Godfrey said in a statement on Sunday.
Regional bloc IGAD executive secretary Workana Gebeho said they were “extremely concerned by the resurgence of conflict” and called for an end to hostilities.
According to UN figures, more than 86,000 displaced people are living in Wad Madani alone, which has caused al-Jazeera to suspend all humanitarian field missions in the state.
The United Nations said more than 270,000 of the city’s 700,000 residents were dependent on humanitarian aid.
The war between army chief Abdul Fattah al-Barhan and his former deputy, RSF commander Mohammad Hamdan Daglu, has devastated the country’s already fragile infrastructure, economy and health care system.
By early December, it had killed at least 12,190 people, according to a conservative estimate by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project.
According to UN figures, more than 5.4 million people are internally displaced, while about 1.3 million have fled abroad.
The family clashed again on Sunday. Escape to safety, but bus tickets had quadrupled to $60 a head, and many people had nowhere to go.
“A steady flow of people, many of whom had fled for their lives only a few months earlier, now into already overburdened and under-resourced cities in neighboring states,” said NRC’s Carter. running towards.”
Carter added, “We are also deeply concerned for the most vulnerable families in Wad Madani who have been crammed into displacement sites at schools for months and have nowhere to hide from the violence. There’s no source and nowhere else to run,” Carter added.
Sudan’s doctors’ union said on Sunday that the situation in the city had become “catastrophic” after pharmacies were forced to close.
Both forces have been accused of indiscriminate firing on residential areas as well as targeting civilians, workers and health care personnel.

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