‘The only wave is our guarantees. Modi’s name won’t sell in Karnataka’ | India News – Times of India

 ‘The only wave is our guarantees. Modi’s name won’t sell in Karnataka’ | India News - Times of India

After leadership Congress For a landslide victory in last year’s assembly elections, KPCC President, DK Shivakumarwho is now the Deputy Chief Minister, is confident of repeating this success. Lok Sabha Elections. Their hope is borne out of the Congress’s five guarantees and anti-govt. Narendra Modi Administration In an interview with TOI, he dismissed the notion of a BJP wave in the state, saying that the only wave is his party’s five guarantees.
Your prediction for assembly elections was absolutely correct. What are your expectations from the Lok Sabha elections?
Once the nomination papers are submitted for both the stages, I will provide the marks. But one thing is certain: us [Congress] Will win more seats than BJP. Congress will win even in unexpected seats. The BJP-JD(S) alliance is set for its worst ever performance.
Where does this confidence come from?
We have followed words with action. We fulfilled the promises we made during the assembly elections. Our assurance has reached almost every household in the state. Lakhs of families are receiving benefits of at least Rs 4000 per month. This has given people confidence in us and in the party. I don’t see any reason why people should not vote for Congress. Moreover, the party cadre is functioning as a unified body. Whether campaigning, planning, or managing, we are far ahead and more efficient than our competitors.
But the BJP-JD(S) says Modi’s charisma will outweigh his assurances…
They may say many things but I know the ground reality. In the 10 years of Modi’s rule, citizens, especially the poor and lower middle class, have faced hardships like inflation, unemployment and divisive communal agendas. Show me one initiative by Modi Govt that has actually improved people’s lives. They politicize emotional issues and propagate division. People have realized this.
But survey after survey shows that Modi still prevails…
As far as Karnataka is concerned, Modi’s name will not make much of an impact. Why will people vote for Modi? To withhold the rightful share of state taxes or to illegally withhold approvals for state irrigation projects? Forget taxes, Modi didn’t even release drought relief. Yet Karnataka is the only state in the South to consistently vote for the BJP in Lok Sabha elections. I believe people are fed up with Modi and BJP.
Will BJP and JD(S) joining hands affect the results?
This is a suicide deal for both parties. Wait until the election. The fact is that the enemy [BJP & JD-S] Shaking hands in itself is proof that they fear defeat. Their alliance will neither change the voters’ decisions nor the prospects of the Congress.
What do you think about the competition in Bengaluru Rural, where your brother is participating? For re-election, and Mandya, where your main rival HD Kumaraswamy is currently fighting?
Congress will win both the seats. Everyone knows what DK Suresh did and how he helped people during the pandemic. Moreover, by nominating Dr. CN Manjunath as the BJP candidate, the JD(S) has admitted to not standing in the constituency, affecting the morale of its workers. As far as Mandya is concerned, people see Kumaraswamy as an outsider. Our base in Mandya is very strong.
The decision to nominate relatives of ministers and senior officials on half a dozen seats has drawn criticism and given the BJP ammunition to attack you.
It was a strategic choice. These persons were given tickets on the basis of their merit and not because they are descendants of senior party members. He has become a capable leader. If you look through our list of candidates, you will find a balanced representation of both party stalwarts and children of party members. Our candidates in constituencies like Mysore, Haveri Gadag, Dharwad and Dakshina Kannada are all grassroots workers.
There is talk that the Congress may withdraw its candidate from Dharwar and support Azad Faqir Dangaleshwar Swamy.
The matter is being discussed, but no decision has been made yet. We will consider all options as our main objective is to defeat BJP.

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