The Margazhi season and the rasikas have changed: Nirmala Rajasekar | Tamil Movie News – Times of India

The Margazhi season and the rasikas have changed: Nirmala Rajasekar | Tamil Movie News - Times of India

On his memorial Murghazi moment
The first Marghazi Mela I performed in in 1986 was very special for me. I remember I played for the Indian Fine Arts Society, because I won a competition organized by them. This is a season I will always remember. I thrive on the excitement in the air that is so strong during Margazi. I remember leaving at 7am for the first kitchen of the day and returning home only by 11pm…a whole day touring the sabha, meeting friends, and seeing some of the greatest legends. Musicdance and perform theater.
Chicken in preparation
One thing with Marathi is that it’s very specific, and the kind of concerts that happen during the season, regardless of what we do during the year, we try our best to do our best for Marathi. Step up. So, depending on the venue I’m playing at, the repertoire will vary. I always keep a list to help me prepare for what to do next.
‘New devices are entering the kitchen scene’
As with everything in life that changes over time, Chicken season has also changed. So to the fans, and their expectations from the concerts. I see new appliances entering the kitchen scene. Among instruments, the mandolin, guitar and keyboard have come a long way and are currently being played in concerts. It is very beautiful to see. And we’re also seeing a lot of people from abroad… not just as Rasek, but as actors. So, in a way, we are becoming increasingly connected. Marghazi has attracted people from near and far, and it is an exciting time for everyone.
‘Many artists are quitting other jobs to become full-time musicians’
I used to be a computer engineer. For 16 years, I was doing it all. Playing music, raising my children, teaching, and working full-time as a computer consultant. In 2006, I decided to go full time as a musician because I realized that music was my life. Like me, many artists have had a parallel career before calling it quits to become a full-time musician. I think this trend is growing.
On AI in Music
As someone with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nirmala shares her thoughts on how AI has come into play in the world of music. “It’s obviously a digital world.
At the time, I was working in Music AI. I was involved in coding how to make the computer run certain things. It does such things very easily today, but not 30 years ago. Now, digitization has come in a big way, and seeped into the way sabhas function in the form of online schedules, ticketing apps, artist profiles and more. It’s all because of technology, and AI in particular is providing a lot of refreshing information about a lot of things related to the arts. I am thankful that the human mind is still one step ahead.
What Rasek Can Expect
I have a bag of solos and collaborations. One such collaboration I am working on is a four-day instrumental concert. I am playing an Indian Carnatic Jugalbandi, in which I am playing for the first time with this group called 100 Strings. I am also doing violin and veena jugalbandi with violin legend Mysore Manjunath.
Advice for the next generation
 Maintaining your device and understanding your device is very important. So that the playing field is very level when you’re on stage, and we know where our instrument is going. For an instrument, the instrument is the body, like our human body. We have to fully understand our device.
 Be in tune with your audience, be in tune with the place where the concert takes place, then we will be very lucky to have a beautiful playing experience for both the artists and the audience.
 Share your playlists and concerts list with your team. Because, ultimately, the success of a concert depends on how well each member of the team understands each other…

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