‘Thank God I’m no MP… I’d have been suspended’ | Kolkata News – Times of India

'Thank God I'm no MP... I'd have been suspended' | Kolkata News - Times of India

New Delhi: “Thank God I am no longer an MP, or I would have been suspended… because I would have protested too,” said the Bengal chief minister. Mamata BanerjeeDescribing the suspension of 78 opposition MPs as “super-authoritarian”, an act that betrayed the central government’s fear of the opposition.
Banerjee was speaking to the press in Delhi on Monday, a day ahead of the scheduled meeting of the India bloc.
“Everyone has been suspended… What is going on? If they (the government) are so afraid of an absolute majority, why are they running the House? Who will work with them? Let them be suspended. Home First, they have no moral authority to run the House. It’s a joke (of democracy),” Banerjee said while responding to questions on the suspension. “They are doing it because they are scared…. Super-dictatorship is going on. It is not right. The opposition has no place. Judiciary, media have no power. They (the government) disrespect everyone.
The CM acknowledged that the BJP is the biggest challenge to the Hindi-centric bloc, especially in the three states it won recently. “It is not the BJP that is strong, but the opposition is weak,” he said, adding that the opposition needed to unite for its strength and inspire faith. He said that people are with us.
CM Mamata of Bengal BanerjeeAhead of Tuesday’s scheduled India Block meeting, demanded “100% VVPAT”. Lok Sabha Elections, reports Mohwa Chatterjee. “When the arrangement is there and it can be done, what’s wrong with having 100% VVPAT?” he wondered.
Banerjee also criticized the Modi government for blocking GST dues and withholding all funds for central schemes in opposition-ruled states. He said that they have stopped all funds and Bengal is the biggest victim. “They have stopped payment of central schemes because they (Centre) want them all to be saffronised… Everything should be saffronised, whether it has Modi’s picture or the BJP symbol. What? That’s the way to run government schemes? I can’t do that. I have nothing against saffron – it’s a color that shows sacrifice but they are bhogi (greedy).”
On the issue of TMC MP Mahva Moitra’s expulsion from the Lok Sabha, Banerjee said: “The party is fully behind her.” Asked about Moitra raising the Adani issue in the House regarding the Adani project in Bengal, Banerjee said the deep-sea port project that went to the Adani group was “under review”.

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