Tesla cars welcome at our EV charging stations: Mercedes India – Times of India

Tesla cars welcome at our EV charging stations: Mercedes India - Times of India

New Delhi: As Tesla prepares to enter India, Mercedes-Benz – one of its global rivals and India’s top luxury seller – has said the electric market will grow with new players. EV charging stations Will be open to the American giant’s cars.
“Our EV charging bays will remain open for Tesla cars, just as they are for any other brand of EV.” Santosh IyerMD and CEO of Mercedes in India told TOI New brands in the country. The company sells electrics at its dealerships and has a total of 116 charging stations spread across 36 locations.
Mercedes, which announced its highest quarterly numbers at 5,142 units (15% growth) in the January-March, 2024 period, will improve its green lineup this year by driving three electric vehicles.
Ayer said the company has no reason to be threatened by Tesla, considering that the prices the Elon Musk-led company is reportedly targeting are much higher than the prices of its cars. are less Also, he said any new player would expand the electric market rather than competing with other brands. “New entrants will only increase volume in different segments and expand the market.”
EVs accounted for 7% (350 cars) of Mercedes India’s Q1 sales, and Iyer said it expects this to go up to 25% “and even more” by 2030. YoY growth in Q1 with strong response to EQE SUV, apart from EQB SUV and top-end EQS luxury sedan. We plan to launch three new electrics by the end of this year and double our green portfolio.” With duty cuts promised and a $500 million investment in green, she said she would wait to get more details.

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