‘Terrorists do not abide by any rules’: EAM Jaishankar reaffirms muscular response to cross-border terrorism | India News – Times of India

 'Terrorists do not abide by any rules': EAM Jaishankar reaffirms muscular response to cross-border terrorism | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Ministry of External Affairs Jaishankar Friday said India’s foreign policy has changed since 2014, particularly in how the country deals with terrorism.
“In an interaction with the youth of Pune while launching the Marathi translation of his book ‘Why Bharat Matters’, the External Affairs Minister highlighted the events that took place after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Ultimately, it was realized that ‘Pakistan The cost of attacking him is greater than the cost of not attacking him.’
He emphasized the critical question that arises from such incidents: ‘If something like Mumbai happens, and we don’t react, how can we prevent the next incident from happening?’
When asked about countries with which India finds it difficult to maintain relations, Jaishankar pointed to Pakistan and emphasized its proximity and said, “We are fully responsible for that. There are.”
He highlighted that in 1947, Pakistan launched an attack on Kashmir. Indian Army To answer, leads to integration of the state.
“While the Indian Army was engaged in its operations, we halted and approached it United NationsFor example, referring to the activities of tribal attackers rather than directly addressing the groups’ terrorism. Lashkar-e-Taiba. If we had been clear from the beginning about Pakistan’s use of terrorism, our policy would have been very different,” EAM said.
“Terrorism cannot be acceptable under any circumstances,” asserted the EAM.
When asked about continuity in the country’s foreign policy, Jaishankar replied, “My answer is yes. 50% continuity and 50% change. That one change is on terrorism.”
Jaishankar added, “After that Mumbai attackThere was not a single person who felt that we should not have responded. But at that time it was believed that the cost of attacking Pakistan was more than not attacking Pakistan.
If something like Mumbai (26/11) happens now and if no one reacts, how will the next attack be prevented?

“Terrorists should not feel that because they are across the border, no one can touch them. Terrorists don’t obey any rules, so the answer to terrorists should be laws,” he asserted. cannot be limited by,” he asserted.
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