Telecom Bill 2023: Why Facebook, Signal and 50 other OTT platforms have sent letter to communications minister – Times of India

Telecom Bill 2023: Why Facebook, Signal and 50 other OTT platforms have sent letter to communications minister - Times of India

After Meta, Signal Foundation, a nonprofit that runs encrypted messaging platform Signal, Proton, Mozilla and 87 other platforms have reportedly expressed concerns about the 2023 telecommunications bill. Telecom Bill 2023. The letter demands the government to withdraw the bill.
The bill was recently passed by Parliament and now awaits the President’s assent to become a law. The Telecommunications Bill, 2023 will replace older laws, including the Telegraph Act, 1885 and the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933.
Although the reference to ‘OTT’ has been removed from the current version of the legislation that allows the government to intercept messages, set encryption standards and regulate telecom networks, some experts have called ‘telecommunications services have expressed concern about the broad definitions of ‘. and ‘messages’ in the Bill.
What does the letter say?
“The bill will jeopardize the very foundation that enables people to communicate freely and privately in an environment of ever-increasing surveillance and cyber-attacks, and may result in such secure services not operating in India. Choosing to do so is detrimental to all.” These organizations said in the letter.
“The new draft has failed to amend the provisions criticized in the earlier draft and introduced new ones that deepen the damage. We respectfully request the government to withdraw the Telecommunications Bill 2023. demand, and call for comprehensive, permanent consultations to be launched on a new draft. Include amendments respecting the rights to protection of encryption, privacy and security, and unfettered access to an open, secure and free Internet. ,” the letter read. Demanding the withdrawal of the bill, these organizations, through a letter, said without substantial amendments to the current version of the bill, “India will fail to seize the opportunity to demonstrate leadership among democracies in the digital age. Overhaul. Presents the Telecommunications Framework”.
OTT not covered under Telecom Bill: Ashwini Vishnu
However, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vishnu has said that over-the-top (OTT) players or applications will not be covered under the new Telecom Bill and will be regulated by the Information Technology Act of 2000. The minister’s first official comments on the issue are likely to address concerns raised by app makers and activists that the broad definition of ‘telecommunications’ could be interpreted to cover any internet-based communication. .

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