Tamil Nadu youth who opted for sex change to marry techie sets her ablaze | Chennai News – Times of India

Tamil Nadu youth who opted for sex change to marry techie sets her ablaze | Chennai News - Times of India

CHENNAI: There was a techie. tied upOn the 26th he was cut down and burnt alive. birthday on Saturday in Thalambore, on the southern outskirts of Chennai, by a schoolmate Sexual reassignment To marry her, the police said.
Police have arrested MBA graduate Vitrimaran, who was Pindi Murugeswari before his gender reassignment, for murdering R Nandhini. The two had studied in the same girls’ school in Madurai and were close friends, police said.
Police said Nandhini had refused to have a relationship with Vitrimaran after her gender reassignment despite his fervent appeals, but they remained in touch.
After graduating with a BSc in Information Technology, Nandhini got a job in Chennai eight months ago. She lived with her uncle. On Saturday, Vitrimaran called and asked Nandhini to spend a few hours with him. They met and he bought her new clothes and also took her to an orphanage near Tambaram and donated there.
Vetrimaran then offers Nandhini to leave the house. On his way back he halted at a secluded place at Ponmar.
At the deserted place, Vatrimaran asks Nandhini to take pictures. He then used chains, which he carried on his bike, to tie her hands and feet, telling her it was just for fun.
Vitrimaran then refused to release Nandhini despite her pleas and instead slashed her neck and arms with a blade, emptied the contents of a petrol bottle over her and set her on fire, police said. After that he ran away.
After a while some people in the area saw Nandhini struggling for her life and called the police. He had given them a number to call before passing out, which turned out to be Vetrimaran’s. When called by the police, he came to the spot and recognized Nandhini as a friend and even took Nandhini to the government hospital in Chromepet along with the police and residents of the area. She died there late on Saturday, by which time Vitrimaran had gone missing.
On Sunday, investigators tracked him down and arrested him. An officer said Vetrimaran was calm and showed no remorse for what he had done.
Police said Vitrimaran told them that he was upset that Nandhini had refused to have a relationship with him. He underwent gender reassignment at a private hospital a few years ago, but Nandhini tells him that they have no future together. She had recently become close to a colleague at work and that’s when she decided to kill him, police quoted Vetrimaran as saying. He has been sent to judicial custody. Further investigation is underway.

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