Supporters praise Kremlin bid by former separatist commander Girkin – Times of India

Supporters praise Kremlin bid by former separatist commander Girkin - Times of India

Moscow: Hundreds supporter of Igor Girkin, the imprisoned ex-commander Russian-backed fighters I UkraineI rallied. Moscow Sunday supported his bid to stand up for him. President.
Better known by his alias Igor Strelkov, Gerkin was a key leader of separatist fighters in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine in 2014. The nationalist has slammed Russia’s military strategy in Ukraine for being “too kind”.
He was detained in July on charges of extremism after a series of posts critical of the Russian president. Vladimir PutinWho is expected to win the re-election.
In August, while still in prison, Gerkin announced on social media that he wanted to run for president in the March election.
More than 300 supporters gathered at a Moscow hotel where Gerkin’s image was shown on giant screens.
Among them was long-bearded 44-year-old electrician Mikhail Filipov, who had left his home in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
He praised Gerkin, saying he would “fully assume the responsibilities of the Supreme Commander (of Russia) and not allow himself to be deceived”.
Among those gathered were many women, the elderly and military ex-servicemen. Gerkin’s supporters wore T-shirts and badges with his face and the slogan “Freedom for Strelkov!”
“There are a lot of Strelkov’s supporters in Ukraine at the moment,” said Yevgeny Skripnik, a soldier who fought alongside Gerkin in Donbass in Ukraine in 2014.
Supporters acknowledged that Gerkin had no chance of getting his candidacy approved.
“(The campaign’s) goal is completely different,” said Mikhail Polenkov, one of the group’s organizers. “In times of turmoil, comrades need to unite.”

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