Sunny Deol says ‘Gadar 2’ helped him connect with newer audience: They are now seeing my older films – Times of India

Sunny Deol says 'Gadar 2' helped him connect with newer audience: They are now seeing my older films - Times of India

Mumbai, actor Sunny Deol Believing in his recent release “Gadar 2” has helped him establish a connection with young audiences, who have now started exploring his past films. Anil Sharma’s directorial debut in August, grossed over Rs 500 crore worldwide. became a surprise hit of the year with .Like its predecessor “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha”, which was the highest-grossing Hindi film of 2001.
What happened with ‘Gadar 2’ is all my fans and all the people who wanted to see the kind of cinema they saw in ‘Gadar’, we kept the story the same and people came to see the character, which is deeply rooted in their hearts.
“But the beauty of it was the new generation connected to me. I wasn’t connected to them, otherwise. They got to see what I was doing (in ‘Gadar 2’) and now they are some of my older ones. Watching movies,” Deol told PTI in an interview.
The 66-year-old actor reprized his role. Tara Singh I “Gather 2, is set years after the events of the first film. It saw Tara Singh returning to Pakistan to rescue her son Chiranjit “Jeete” Singh (played by Utkarsh Sharma), who was captured during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War.
When “Gadar 2” released, Deol said, he visited a few theaters and was bowled over by the response.
He added, “I could see the love and appreciation. It all felt good. I am grateful for the love and trust in me. From now on I will continue to do films that people will love.”
Before the film’s release, Deol said that the sentiment among industry people and critics was that the film would not do well at the ticket window.
“We don’t know about the sentiment of the audience, we know about the sentiment of the industry. It wasn’t so much the sentiment of the industry (the sentiment in the industry was not positive), they were making predictions, critics and even Others criticized the film.
But the audience is open to all kinds of films, be it his film, his younger brother Bobby Deol’s “Janwar” or “Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani”, which had his father Dharmendra in an important role. .
“We make films for fans. Our films are made for all kinds of fans. Like ‘Jaanoor’ and ‘Rocky Rani’. Fans are accepting all kinds of films. If critics want to criticize a film. So they should write. Essay on Art Films This cinema is not for that.
“It’s time for all of us to be good and happy that this year has been great for us and the audience is going to the theaters again. Today we are presenting films that they want to see. This is good for Hindi cinema. There is time and I am sure it will continue.”
As the elder son of cinema icon Dharmendra, Deol started his cinematic journey in 1983 with “Bitaab” and had a great run in the early years with hits like “Arjun”, “Ghail”, “Damini”, “Ghatak”. put Border, “Arjun Pandit” and “Gadar” among others.
After “Gadar”, he went through a dry patch that took him 20 years to overcome.
What has kept Deol going all these years is his sportsmanship and positive frame of mind.
“You have to walk a path, no matter how much you talk, argue or (self-pity) about it, you still have to walk, why waste your energy?
“I’m a sports person. You win or lose, you learn and you move on. Sports people have a positive adrenaline rush and that’s what I have. I’m one of those people who gets up before the sun rises and Goes to sleep (early). I like the days, I can’t take the nights,” he said.
Asked if he learned anything during the difficult phase of his career, the actor said that every day a person grows.
“Instead of sitting and thinking about it, you just keep moving because what’s meant to be will happen. If it (the success of ‘Gadhar 2’) hadn’t happened, I’d still be doing the same and Try to do something.
The actor revealed that he is currently working on several projects, including the sequel to his 2007 film “Aapane”. The follow-up will also feature his father Dharmendra, brother Bobby and son Karan Deol.
Apart from this, he will also act in ‘Baap’. Sanjay DuttJackie Shroff and Mithan Chakraborty, and “Lahore, 1947” to be produced by superstar Aamir Khan.
“There were a lot of proposals coming in and it’s very difficult to work with all of them. But you can’t do everything. There are some films that I am doing and they will be announced when they are ready.” announced. There is a lot to do. I haven’t done much in the last so many years,” said Deol.
He added that since ‘Gadar 2’ I have been doing many films. There is ‘Lahore’ and talks are on for ‘Border 2’.
When asked if he would work with any contemporary filmmaker, the actor said that directors of his era are still the masters when it comes to portraying the rich history of the society and the country.
“I somehow feel that the directors I have worked with have a greater sense of society, emotions, values, country and our history. And that was reflected in our films, and the people who was also connected to. Today, things are happening. Made, they are good and interesting but we lack depth.”
The actor, who went on to direct films like “Dilgi” (1999), “Ghail Once Again” (2016) and 2019’s “Pul Pul Dil Ke Paas”, which marked his son Karan’s film debut, has There is no intention to direct any film.

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“I will not go the other way now. I just want to be an actor. As an actor, I have distanced myself from everything,” said Deol.

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