Students at Bengaluru govt school forced to clean toilets, sparks outrage | India News – Times of India

 Students at Bengaluru govt school forced to clean toilets, sparks outrage | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Recently, a tragic incident has caused a stir. AngerBut after the students Indrahalli Government School were allegedly forced into Bengaluru North. Clean toilet And clean the toilet walls.
In one video, two primary-level students were seen cleaning toilets barefoot, using brooms and other materials.
The immediate action of the Education Department then resulted in the suspension of Lakshmi Devma from the school. Head Mistress and two staff members, and launched a formal investigation, news agency PTI reported.
After the incident in Indrahalli school, the parents of the students staged a protest outside the campus demanding action against the administration and the teacher in charge of cleanliness.
Speaking on the issue, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka DK Shivakumar Expressed concern and assured immediate action. He announced a meeting to investigate the matter and assured that strict action would be taken. “I will inquire about it and get the original report. There was another similar incident in the past, and we have taken legal action against it,” Sivakumar said, as quoted by PTI. What is it.
Sivakumar said that arrangements are in place to maintain cleanliness in school toilets, and students should not be subjected to abuse in such tasks.
during this, KumaraswamyThe Karnataka state Janata Dal (Secular) president took to “X”, formerly known as Twitter, to condemn the incident. In a post, he expressed deep shock at the events and expressed his concerns.
“I was deeply shocked by the incidents at Andhra Hilli Government School, where children were forced to clean toilets, and at Morarji Desai Residential School, Malver, where students were thrown into waste pits. These incidents are part of our system. expose the flaws and clarify the state of our state of mind.”
Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa also strongly condemned the incident, calling it “shocking” and “sad”.

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