Staffers fight Air India Express in battle of bulge | India News – Times of India

 Staffers fight Air India Express in battle of bulge | India News - Times of India

Kochi: Something Cabin crew members Owned by Tata Air India Express have accused the administration of using uncalibrated equipment and understating their height to classify them on the higher end of the body mass index (BMI) scale.
gave Department of Legal MetrologyIn Kochi, the devices were seized after they were found to be disconnected. Air India Express has approached the High Court and has stayed further action by the department.
Multiple according to employees Cabin crew Members deemed overweight have lost jobs in recent times. Many of them filed complaints with the Ministry of Labor and the Metrology Department. The regional labor commissioner had issued a show-cause notice to the CEO of Air India Express a few days back.
A flight attendant said, “When I joined Air India Express almost 15 years ago, my height was 172 cm. Now, they have measured me again and my height is recorded as 169 cm. , which shows that my BMI is high.”
Leaders of the Air India Express Employees Union said the employees were being retrenched and their contract period was reduced from five years to one year after the airline was privatized a year ago.
According to Air India Express Employees Union President and BMS National Executive Member KK Vijay Kumar, though at least 14 employees have lost their jobs, the management has not given any reason for sacking them.
“Many women had their contracts shortened by a year when they resumed duty after delivery. Management would ask them to lose weight at short notice,” Vijaykumar said.
Asked about the allegations, an Air India Express official told TOI: “Given the various aspects involved in your query, we expect it may take a few days to prepare a comprehensive response.”
An official of the Meteorology Department said that efforts are on to end the stay of the High Court and further action will be taken thereafter.
Vijay Kumar also said that cabin crew are forced to share rooms with untrained employees. “Before privatisation, each member of the cabin crew was given a single room. As per the rules, 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep is mandatory for the cabin crew before the flight. The hotels where they are being accommodated now will be replaced by the existing five-star hotels. Yes,” said Vijay Kumar.

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