SRK draws inspiration from Vikram Rathore in ‘Jawan’; says, ‘I am 58 now, and I feel I should do age-centric roles’ – Times of India

SRK draws inspiration from Vikram Rathore in 'Jawan'; says, 'I am 58 now, and I feel I should do age-centric roles' - Times of India

Bollywood’s King Khan expressed his desire to play a role according to his age after being inspired by his character. Vikram Rathore The famous actor’s frank remarks in the film “Joan” highlighted a shift towards his pursuit of authenticity and portrayal of characters that suit his current stage of life.
In an interview with Box Office World, SRK referred to Vikram Rathore, his role in the commercially successful “Joan”, regarding his aspirations to act in roles that reflect his age. Khan emphasized that Vikram Rathore’s character was exaggerated. Style is like an ‘in your face’ reflection of an older person.
Srk said, “I’m 58 now, and I feel like I should do age-appropriate roles now. Jaawan was a commercial, ‘in your face’ kind of character. I wouldn’t call it a caricature, but It was an over-the-top old man.”
Drawing parallels between Vikram Rathore and his recent role Rajkumar HiraniOf “Dinky”, Shah Rukh Khan emphasized his commitment to realism in his portrayal. The actor remarked that “Joan” featured a more exaggerated representation of an older persona, but his character in “Dinky” mirrored a more realistic and relatable portrayal of old age, a significant departure from his previous projects. is the sign of
Meanwhile, Srk is riding on his hat-trick of success this year as his recently released comedy-drama film ‘Dinky’ has been receiving rave reviews from all quarters. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, Dinky also stars Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal., Boman Irani.and many others.

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