South TN floods: Defence services rescue 1,000 stranded people | Chennai News – Times of India

South TN floods: Defence services rescue 1,000 stranded people | Chennai News - Times of India

Madurai: Defense Services And Coast Guard Rescued 1,000 people trapped in floods in Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts of Tamil Nadu.
The Indian Air Force took relief measures at the request of the Tamil Nadu government. Indian Air Force Station Silver flew two advanced light helicopters to carry 1.6 tonnes (approx) of relief supplies and dropped them in the flood-affected areas. The rescue team rescued four people, including a pregnant woman and a small child. The four were dragged to Madurai.
The Indian Naval Station Parvindhu in Ramanathapuram on Tuesday operated ALHs for two hours to drop 150 kg of flood-related relief goods to passengers stranded at Sriwaikandam railway station in Tuticorin district.
Two Dornier aircraft of India Navy are deployed at Madurai Airport to transport relief goods to Tuticorin Airport.
The first batch of relief goods weighing 410 kg landed at the Tuticorin airport on Tuesday morning. A second batch of relief goods weighing around 3.5 tonnes will be taken to Tuticorin on Thursday. A Navy statement said that air flights to offload the second batch of supplies at Tuticorin could not be conducted due to unfavorable weather.
Two flood relief teams (one each from INS Kattabumman and Chennai) comprising 10 personnel have been deployed in the flood-affected areas. The teams have so far rescued more than 150 people and distributed relief materials to around 250 families.
Apart from this, a Dornier aircraft, ALHs and First Response Team are continuously being deployed to assist the affected people.
Indian The army The columns started the relief operations on Monday night. A column of 23 Maratha Light Infantry is deployed for relief operations in the Southern India region under the Southern Command of the Indian Army. The team helped evacuate more than 150 people (including a pregnant woman and 19 children) to safer areas before sunset in Vasaipuram village, as they neared flood-hit Torikorn district.
Tuesday’s column was directed to the heavily affected village of Sri Vaikandam in Tuticorin. But the movement proved difficult, the roads were washed away and the terrain cut off, causing the column to split in two and march on foot.
En route to Srivi Kandam, a team conducted a rescue operation at Nanalkadu, rescuing over 400 people and providing them with basic medical care and food.
The second team was approaching Sri Vaikandam and was two kilometers away from the affected area.
The second column of the Madras Regimental Center reached the general area of ​​Antonyarpuram and was trying to reach the other side of the road by BAUT (Boat Assault Universal Type) and the first column was trying to find an alternate route to reach the distressed people. had lived.
The Indian Coast Guard took off from the ICG ship Soje, anchored in the Gulf of Mannar, which dropped 600 kg of relief supplies to the flood-affected areas. A defense wing statement said that ICG teams have rescued around 200 lives trapped in flood waters in Tuticorin and adjoining areas.

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