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The Cargo app is on track.

India Inc will soon have access to a single app that will allow them to track their cargo in real-time across all modes of transport – land, rail, sea and air. More than 700 companies have already signed up for the app, which is to be launched by the government.
The app, which is currently being developed, will enable companies to track the movement of trucks, trains and air couriers, an official told ET.Logisticsshipping, and manufacturing.
This app is developed by National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation.NICDC) and will track and trace consignments using specific tracking codes. It will also measure the reliability of truck movements and provide real-time visibility of vehicles.

The Cargo app is on track.

The Cargo app is on track.

India already has a Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) as part of its National Logistics Policy. The platform integrates 35 digital systems of various ministries, including Goods and Services Tax. By increasing visibility through tracking, the lead time of the import-export cycle will be reduced, resulting in lower inventory carrying costs and better management of empty containers.

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Apart from the app, the government is also working on a plan to use trucks, which aims to reduce the movement of empty trucks and trailers. The goal is to locate empty trucks or containers within a 50 km radius, which will significantly improve logistics efficiency. A proof of concept has already been conducted, and aims to reduce empty truck movement and waiting time, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs.
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All these efforts are part of India’s plan to reduce logistics costs to 5-6% of the country’s gross domestic product. Currently, this cost is 7.8-8.9 percent of GDP, according to estimates by the National Council of Applied Economic Research. The government aims to improve India’s ranking in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, moving down from the current 38th to 25th position.

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