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X dob

Social media platformX was halted today as it appears to have suffered a massive outage, leaving millions of users unable to tweet, retweet, or scroll through their timelines. Reports of the outage started coming in around 11 am IST, with users facing error messages and unable to access the platform on both the web and mobile apps. We’ve checked both the web and mobile apps and don’t see a single post on X. However, when you try to post a new tweet, it shows up.

X dob

The nature of the closure is unclear, with x An official statement is yet to be issued. Down detector, a website that tracks outages online, reported an increase in user reports, confirming the widespread nature of the problem. Users are able to login but the “For You” and “Following” feeds appear completely blank.
X (formerly known as Twitter) has experienced occasional outages in the past, but the global outage and lack of a quick fix has fueled user concerns. In the past X has experienced outages, there was some sort of error message that was displayed to users. this time. However, it does not seem so.
So far, X has not provided any further updates on the situation, leaving users anxiously waiting for the platform to return to normal.
We’ll update the story when the platform returns or X issues a comment.

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