Simone Biles and her NFL star husband reveals unconventional beginning to their love story – Times of India

Simone Biles and her NFL star husband reveals unconventional beginning to their love story - Times of India

New Delhi: Simone BilesDecorated gymnast and Olympic championand her NFL star husband, Jonathan Owensrecently shared details about their unconventional love story on “The Pivot” podcast, highlighting their first meeting and the unique circumstances that brought them together.
The newlyweds, who exchanged vows in April, recounted their initial meeting in 2020 on dating app Raya.Owens, a 28-year-old security guard. Green Bay Packers, when Biles’ profile piqued her curiosity despite her limited knowledge of gymnastics. “I hadn’t really paid attention to gymnastics, so it piqued my curiosity,” Owens revealed during the podcast. They were a match, he came back from the gym and found out that Biles had checked his Instagram page.
Expressing his initial skepticism, Owens said, “Man, it’s got to be fake.” I didn’t know who she was then. But like, the first thing I noticed was that he just had a bunch of followers. So in my mind, I’m like, ‘Okay, she’ll be good.’
Biles, a 26-year-old gymnastics sensation, also admitted to making the first move, texting Owens with a casual “hey.” Owens, unaware of Biles’ fame in the gymnastics world, bluntly asked her, “Who’s your competition?” To which Biles replied, “Me myself.”

Reflecting on the early days of their relationship, Owens mentioned his initial reluctance to commit, considering it was his third year in the NFL. However, spending time together quickly changed his perspective. “We hung out, man, it was like we hit it off instantly. You know, we were just laughing the whole night,” Owens said.
During the podcast, the hosts openly teased Owens about being the “lesser known athlete” in the relationship, to which Biles confidently replied, “I know what I like, and I know what I want. I want.”
Despite the light-hearted banter, the couple faced some backlash on social media over comments they made during the podcast, with critics expressing displeasure about Owens seemingly downplaying Biles’ achievements.
In response, Owens shared photos of the wedding on Instagram, along with a crossed-fingers emoji along with the caption, “Never mind. Just know we’re locked in here.” Biles showed her support, commenting with a similar emoji and writing, “For life.”

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