Silent on legal guarantee, but BJP vows to increase MSP from ‘time to time’ | India News – Times of India

 Silent on legal guarantee, but BJP vows to increase MSP from 'time to time' | India News - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Keeping silent on legal guarantee of procurement of crops at minimum support price (MSP), BJP Manifesto Sunday spoke about the party’s promise that the MSP would continue to be increased “from time to time”.
The party promised to “further encourage” crop diversification. Agriculture “Sustainable and profitable” – earlier this year it made protesting farmers by offering guaranteed purchase of pulses and cotton to be replaced by water-logged paddy – contrary to what the Congress in its manifesto called the MSP. Legal guarantee was promised. BJP ministers have argued that guaranteed procurement under the modified MSP formula is unsustainable as it will divert resources from social and infrastructure projects. The government’s proposal for crop diversification was rejected by farmers’ unions.
A highlight of the BJP’s manifesto on the farm sector is the promise to launch an indigenous ‘Bharat Krishi’ (India Agriculture) satellite – for crop forecasting, pesticide use, irrigation, soil health and weather forecasting. A specialized satellite to assist farmers in the activities. The use of satellite imagery to offer integrated services to other fishing communities will also be a key component, ensuring both their safety and security.
Apart from this, the farm sector pledge also focuses on the use of technology in agriculture operations, with the BJP promoting digital technologies to address information asymmetries in agriculture and provide farmer-centric solutions and services. It has been announced to develop public infrastructure.

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