Shweta Shinde reminisces memories of her first TV show Jhoka in 2001, says, “was surprised when I got to know my remuneration amount” – Times of India

Shweta Shinde reminisces memories of her first TV show Jhoka in 2001, says, "was surprised when I got to know my remuneration amount" - Times of India

In the world of Marathi TV, Shweta Shinde She is not only recognized as a talented actress but has also gained popularity as an exceptional producer. She started her career as an actress in the famous show.bent overIn 2001, Shweta Now it has changed to producing notable shows. Each of his productions has been well received by the audience, and his career journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.
Shweta made her acting debut in 2001 with her lead role in the show ‘Jhuka’. The show, which spanned 22 years, brought together all the actors for a grand finale. Recalling those early days, Shweta expressed her desire to work in Hindi shows but the role of PratimaTai ‘Jhoka’ had a profound effect on him.
She said, “At that time I was working in Hindi shows, but I loved Pratima Tai’s serial ‘Parpanch’. I did not miss a single episode of the show ‘Parpanch’. At that time I approached Tai for a film. Met on the sets through an acquaintance of Perpunch Sonali Pandit. Then, when I got a call from Pratima Tai for ‘Jhoka’, I jumped for joy… oh boy! I had a feeling then that what could be more exciting than that they wanted to cast me.”
He added, “After talking to Pratima Tai, Sunil Barve, I met the producer Vidyadhar Pathare. He told me a certain amount of daily salary. Hearing such amount of compensation I thought that hi I give the same amount to my son. How can this money be for me? For a second I thought they were telling me about my son’s money. Because I was very young then. But for a while. Later the producer explained everything to me and said, no no, you get the money, not the boy.
The actress later decided to focus on enjoying the process on the sets instead of stressing about the financial aspects.
Shweta Shinde has been a part of various successful productions, including ‘Lagira jhala ji,’ ‘Dev Manas,’ ‘Dev Manas 2,’ ‘Shetkari Navera Hawa,’ and more. Currently, his show ‘Api Amchi Collective‘ is receiving praise.

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