Shock & Paw: Pilibhit tigress strays into farmhouse, stays put on wall for 10 hours | India News – Times of India

 Shock & Paw: Pilibhit tigress strays into farmhouse, stays put on wall for 10 hours | India News - Times of India

Pelebut: In a quiet village, a young lioness, about two years old, set herself upon one. Farm house The wall lasted for 10 hours before being rescued on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the rowdy crowd and mobile phones clicking and filming just six feet away from her, she remained calm, occasionally turning and yawning at the cameras.
The lioness had breached the five-feet high wall of Sukhwinder Singh’s farmhouse in Atkona village around 2 am. “I was woken up by the loud barking of the dogs. I came out with a flashlight and saw the lioness sitting on the boundary wall. . remained calm without any movement,” Singh said.
Dr. Daksh Gangwar Pelibhait Tiger Reserve (PTR) veterinary officer sedated him at 12:15 pm.
Wildlife experts believe that tigers forced out due to overpopulation in PTR have strayed into sugarcane fields to establish their own independent territory, which resembles a forest.
PTR Divisional Forest Officer Naveen Khandelwal confirmed that it was the same tigress that had been roaming in Kalinagar tehsil for over two months. Shirani also entered the college campus on December 13. “We matched her stripes with camera trap images and confirmed her pug marks. The tigress appears to be healthy with no injuries,” Khandelwal said. “We followed NTCA’s SOPs to tranquilize the cats.”
The tigress, found 4 km away from the Mala Forest Range, was taken to the Mala headquarters for a health check-up. Clinical examination indicated good health, and his age was estimated by canine examination. The decision on its relocation rests with Uttar Pradesh Chief Wildlife Warden Anjani Kumar Acharya.
Explaining the calm demeanor of the tigress, Dr Qamar Qureshi of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) said, “The tigress, being young, does not face much conflict in its life. By wandering in the countryside, it Can be habituated to human presence.”
“We cordoned off the area before dawn for safety,” said range officer Piyush Mohan Shrivastava.

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