Ship attacked by drone near India: Navy recovers remnants of projectile | India News – Times of India

 Ship attacked by drone near India: Navy recovers remnants of projectile | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: On-site analysis and forensics with input from the crew of the attacked ship MV Cam Pluto strongly suggests the possibility that the tanker was attacked by drones off the coast of India in the Arabian Sea.
Navy officials said the explosive charge on the drone “completely detonated causing extensive damage above the waterline”.
The Navy, along with other agencies, has collected projectile remains for further forensic analysis.
Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R. Harikumar has been briefed on the preliminary analysis of the investigation team, navy officials said.
Will find the culprits: Defense Minister
Earlier in the day, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh vowed to bring out the perpetrators of attacks on merchant navy ships “from the depths of the sea” and take stern action against them.
Speaking after the operation of the stealth guided missile destroyer INS Imphal, Singh said India has taken these incidents very seriously.

“India’s growing economic and strategic power has filled some forces with jealousy and hatred. The Indian government took the attacks on MV Cam Pluto and the attack on MV Sai Baba in the Red Sea very seriously. will find those who carried out the recent attacks. Merchant Navy ships also come out from the deep sea and take stern action against them, the culprits will be brought to justice soon and stern action will be taken against them. “

To avoid any future incident, the navy chief said that India will take strict action including searching and boarding of all suspicious vessels.
“We don’t want these attacks to come any closer. The closest attack that has happened is about 220 miles off our coast (referring to the attack on MV Cam Pluto) which is outside our EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone). But we want to. To ensure that no one dares to come anywhere near,” said Kumar.
Four destroyers, P-8I aircraft, Dorniers, Sea Guardians, helicopters and Coast Guard aircraft have been deployed to deal with threats of piracy and drone attacks.

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