‘Shahi jaadugar’: PM Modi taunts Rahul Gandhi over his ‘poverty’ remark | India News – Times of India

 'Shahi jaadugar': PM Modi taunts Rahul Gandhi over his 'poverty' remark | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi taunted the Congress leader on Sunday. Rahul Gandhi On his comment about eradicating poverty “in one fell swoop”, he was branded a “Shahi Magyar” (royal magician) for his statement.
During a rally in Piparia, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi questioned where this “royal wizard” had been all these years and reminded people that Gandhi’s grandmother, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi50 years ago, he gave the slogan of “Gharibi Hatau”.
He said that the country does not take Rahul Gandhi seriously and Congress’s statements have become a joke and joke of the poor.
“The Prince of Congress has just announced something that will make you laugh. He has announced that he will eradicate poverty from the country in one fell swoop. Where has this royal magician been hiding for so many years? It has been 50 years since Dadi announced the end of poverty from the country,” PM Modi said while addressing the rally.
“Before 2014, they ran the government by remote for 10 years and are saying that they got the ‘shock’ mantra, where did this ‘shock’ mantra come from? Tell me, isn’t this a joke of the poor? ” he added.
The prime minister also criticized the opposition India Bloc, pointing out that a section of it is in favor of nuclear disarmament, which he believes will make the country insecure. He stressed the importance of having nuclear weapons for India’s security and questioned the ability of a party that cannot strengthen itself to strengthen the nation.
“Manifestos of INDI alliance partners have made several dangerous promises. One of its partner’s manifestos has promised to denuclearize the country,” he said.
“We must have nuclear weapons to protect our country; those who say they cannot protect India,” he said.
The Prime Minister further accused the Congress of spreading rumors of jeopardizing the constitution and democracy as soon as the son of a poor family became the Prime Minister.
He asserted that he had reached his position because of the constitution written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, whose birth anniversary was being celebrated on the day of the rally. PM Modi claimed that Congress has always insulted Dr. Ambedkar, BJP government has honored him and acknowledged the contribution of tribal communities.

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