Shah Rukh Khan says he was being age-honest for the first time in Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki – Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan says he was being age-honest for the first time in Rajkumar Hirani's Dunki - Times of India

Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Dinky’ received mixed response from critics and audience. Shah Rukh, who plays Hardy in the film, recently shared insights about his role in the film. Rajkumar Hirani Directing
The superstar said that, for the first time, he has embraced being.Honest for age‘ In this project. SRK expressed his relief at playing a role that matched his actual age and ‘I compared his character.Young.’
SRK admitted that at the age of 58, he should do such roles due to his age. He felt that he was ‘age-honest’ for the first time in ‘Dinky’ and that it was closer to his age. As a commercial film, ‘Joan’ portrayed an over-the-top old man, but ‘Dinky’ is too real for him. He never thinks of it as a conscious choice, but he is willing to do such roles. However, some people are not ready to cast her in aging roles as they want her to look young. Rajkummar Hirani revealed that he used to write the story and then decide the actor, but this time he literally decided that whatever character came out of the story, he and SRK would do it together.

Fans celebrate the release of ‘Dinky’ with posters of Shah Rukh Khan, dance to the beat of the drum.

‘Dinky’ star Vicky Kaushal, Tapsee Panu, Boman Irani, Anil Grover, and Vikram Kochhar in prominent roles. According to recent reports, the film will earn Rs 58 crore worldwide in two days of its release.

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