Severe flooding in Russia’s Ural mountains; thousands evacuated – Times of India

Severe flooding in Russia's Ural mountains; thousands evacuated - Times of India

New Delhi: Flood waters are rising in two cities. RussiaOf Ural Mountains after the The Ural River Violation a DamMore than 6,000 homes were flooded and thousands of people were displaced along with their pets and essential goods. Along the Ural Mountains and regions of Siberia KazakhstanThey have been hit by severe floods in recent days.
The Ural River, which originates in the Ural Mountains and flows into the Caspian Sea, burst its banks on Friday in Orsk, 1,800 kilometers east of Moscow, bursting the banks of a dam.
There were more than 4,000 people in Orsk. pulled out A significant part of the city, home to 230,000 residents, was submerged. Videos released by the Emergencies Ministry showed people wading through waist-high waters, rescuing stranded pets, and using boats and canoes to navigate flooded roads.
Russian President Vladimir Putin directed Emergency Affairs Minister Alexander Korenkov to visit the affected area. The Kremlin confirmed that flooding is expected in the Ural region of Kurgan and the Siberian region of Tyumen. Putin had a phone conversation with the governors of these regions.
Orenburg Region Governor Denis Passler said these are the worst floods on record in the region. The entire 2,400 km course of the Ural River, which runs through the Orenburg Region and Kazakhstan before reaching the Caspian Sea, was flooded.
Local authorities in Orenburg have estimated the damage from local flooding at around 21 billion rubles ($227 million) and estimate that the water will recede by April 20. In Kazakhstan, President Kassym Jomart Tokayev called the floods the country’s worst natural disaster in 80 years.
Flood warnings were issued in other Russian regions, with Minister Korenkov warning of a possible escalation of the situation.

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