‘Save democracy’: Opposition INDIA bloc stage nationwide protest | India News – Times of India

 'Save democracy': Opposition INDIA bloc stage nationwide protest | India News - Times of India

New Delhi: The opposition alliance of Bharat parties protested. protest across the country against Suspension Out of a total of 146 Members of Parliament From Parliament During the recently concluded winter session. In Delhi, the India Bloc took to the streets under the banner of ‘Save Democracy’ at Jantar Mantar.
Nationalist Congress Party supremo Sharad Pawar, Congress’s Mallikarjan Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, CPIM’s Sitaram Yechury and other senior opposition leaders joined the protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.
Criticizing the BJP, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi blamed unemployment for the Parliament security breach that occurred on December 13, when intruders entered the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery and billowed yellow smoke. Left the box.
“A few days ago 2 people breached the security of parliament and BJP MPs ran away. They call themselves nationalists but we saw how scared they were. First question.. how did they get in? ? Security was breached… How did the gas cylinder come in? Inside? Something else could have been brought in. The protesters came to increase unemployment. Youth in our country are unemployed,” he said.
He also accused the media of unfairly targeting him and not paying enough attention to unemployment in the country.
“In the media they never said that unemployment has increased. They only say that Rahul Gandhi made a fake video. The issue of our suspension was never raised.” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said.
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that the “security breach of Parliament is the central government’s fault.
“By expelling 150 MPs from Parliament, the government has silenced the voice of 60 percent of Indians,” he said.
Addressing the gathering, Kharge said that leaders of Indian parties have come together because democracy is under threat in the BJP government.
“When everyone is united, Narendra Modi will not be able to do anything… The more you try to crush us, the more we will rise. We are united and fighting to save the country and democracy,” he said. said
Kharge said that on December 13, opposition members were suspended from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha for demanding an answer from Home Minister Amit Shah on the matter of Parliament security breach.
Earlier, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor took part in the protest and said that the protest is to send a message to the people that whatever is happening is ‘wrong for the future of the country’.
146 MPs have never been suspended in the history of democracy in the world, people should know that democracy is in danger, the protest is to tell the people that whatever is happening is wrong for the future of the country. Is. There is only one solution, people change this government and bring Indian unity to power,” Tharoor said.
Congress MP Karti Chidambaram said, “It was natural for the opposition to seek a statement from the home minister…but the government was adamant about not heeding our request. Hence, there was a protest inside Parliament. The government asked the opposition 146 Members were to be suspended and rammed through laws, which have far-reaching effects on the day-to-day lives of people in India… The government wants to create a parliament that is just a rubber-stamp house for all of them. Laws without any debate… So they want the parliament to be like China or North Korea… This is a betrayal of people’s trust in the parliamentary system, we want to highlight it and tell them. What is happening. Sitting in Parliament is not good for India.”
Congress MP Manish Tiwari said, “To save democracy in the country, all nationalist organizations need to come together and send a message with one voice…”
A total of 146 MPs, 100 Lok Sabha and 46 Rajya Sabha, were suspended on the grounds of rioting and disrupting the proceedings in both the Houses, while they were accused of breaching Parliament’s security by Union Minister Amit Shah. They were demanding a statement.
Earlier on Thursday after the conclusion of the 262nd session of the Rajya Sabha, Deputy Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar said he was pained to report that nearly 22 hours of the Upper House were wasted due to avoidable disruptions.
“It pains me to report that almost 22 hours were lost due to avoidable disruptions which adversely affected our overall productivity which ultimately stood at 79%. “Weaponizing distraction is inconsistent with our constitutional responsibility to uphold the interest of the people. Largely overriding any other political considerations,” the Rajya Sabha chairman said.
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