‘Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire’ US box office: Prabhas starrer becomes the highest grosser of 2023 | Telugu Movie News – Times of India

'Salaar Part 1 Ceasefire' US box office: Prabhas starrer becomes the highest grosser of 2023 | Telugu Movie News - Times of India

The most anticipated Telugu movie ‘Saalar’ has released today on 22nd December in theaters worldwide. Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran And Shruti Haasan Directed action film in lead roles. Prashant Neil. Apart from India, the film was a hit in the US as well. The film has now received a good response from the people and’Salar Part 1 Armistice‘ has become the highest-grossing USA premiere of 2024.
Prabhas’ Salaar has surpassed the collections of Oh Jaawan, Jailor, Love and Animal to become the highest grossing Indian film. The film’s global box office numbers are expected to break all records as it has sold over 70,000 tickets in the US even before its official release. In the US, ‘Saalar’ has earned $1.81 million from advance ticket bookings and pre-sales and Rs 300 crore in India.
On social media, the theater showing the film announced that the film has grossed over 1 crore. The caption read, “Box office bulldozer leads the charge! #Salaar’s pre-sale USA premieres at $1.81 million+ with 70,000 tickets sold and counting. It’s the Baaghi star’s prowess that has taken the box office to its biggest The scale turned into a stage of turmoil. 2023’s highest lover USA grosser for any Indian cinema.”
The story of ‘Saalar’ revolves around two friends who become enemies as their life circumstances change. Talking about the film, director Prashanth Neel revealed that ‘Saalar’ is completely different from his previous venture.KGF‘ and has more massive action and stronger characters. The film focuses on the emotional side of two friends and how they see the world of a fictional city of Khansar.

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