‘Salaar 2- Shouryanga Parvam’ : Fans eager to discover Prabhas’ father in ‘Salaar Part 1’ | Telugu Movie News – Times of India

'Salaar 2- Shouryanga Parvam' : Fans eager to discover Prabhas' father in 'Salaar Part 1' | Telugu Movie News - Times of India

‘Salar Part 1: Ceasefire’ is winning hearts globally. The production house recently revealed that the film has collected Rs 402 crore worldwide and is still heading towards the 500 crore club.
The first part of Salar gives the audience the story of its construction. Prabhas‘ the role Devurtha And Khansar region. While the first part appears and ends with solving a crucial question about Devarath’s family and kinship, the second part promises to explore his history.
Now people are eagerly waiting to know the actor who is playing the role. Prabhas’ father role in this film. Fans have started decoding the actor with a scene from the film Salaar in which he is shown from behind.

A notable plot point of the film involves the killing of Prabhas’s on-screen father, Dhara, by a Munnar tribal leader, portrayed by Jagapathi Babu.

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Considering the importance of this incident in ‘Salar Part 1’, it is being speculated that the prequel of this story will unfold in the sequel.Salar 2: Shouryanga Parvam,’ ensuring narrative continuity. Speculations are rife about the identity of the actor playing Dhara, and the makers fueled the curiosity by sharing a picture of Dhara with the question, “Who will play Dhara? Shoringa Prom I Devarath’s father! #SalaarCeaseFire #Salaar.”

This suspenseful element has fueled expectations among fans, who are eager to unfold the drama and the next chapter of Khansar’s story. With the smashing success of the first part at the box office, the stage is now set for the eagerly awaited, ‘Saalaar Part 2: Shuringa Prom.’
The film features a stellar cast including Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, and Jagapati Babu. Directed by Prashant NeilThe film is now in theaters from December 22.

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