Riverside car wash goes horribly wrong as Mahindra Scorpio N sinks: Here’s why – Times of India

Riverside car wash goes horribly wrong as Mahindra Scorpio N sinks: Here’s why - Times of India

Which should have been a routine. car wash for a Mahindra Scorpio n In rural Chhattisgarh, the whole incident took a shocking turn that left the owner and his car in a mess. Only one will be retrieved Heavy duty crane. The incident took place in Bekanthpur town of Kuria district of Chhattisgarh.
Unlike metro cities, there are not many car washes available in rural areas and hence people often depend on river banks to wash their vehicles. Scorpio N to Jhumka Dam in Bekanthpur area, a place where locals usually wash their cars and bikes. After parking the SUV on the bank of the river, he got out of the car and the car started rolling into the water. The driver realized that he had not applied the handbrake but by then it was too late as the SUV had already plunged into the river.

Rescue efforts were swift, with locals reaching the spot within minutes. A heavy-duty crane was deployed to extricate the submerged SUV, which had partially sunk into the river bank, leaving only the rear part slightly exposed. More information on the incident is awaited.

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This event serves as a reminder of the responsibilities that come with vehicle ownership. While SUVs like Mahindra Scorpio N is better off-roading, owners should be careful and aware of their limits. Failure to apply the handbrake turned the situation into a disaster, resulting in flooding of the cabin as the windows were left open. The owner may face significant repair costs. Recently another Mahindra Thar owner tried to cross a river in Himachal to avoid traffic but was fined by the police.

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