Remove tattoos within 15 days or face action, Odisha cops told | India News – Times of India

 Remove tattoos within 15 days or face action, Odisha cops told | India News - Times of India

Bhubaneswar: Police officers in Odisha’s Special Security Battalion (SSB) have been ordered to remove their face or tattoo within 15 days. disciplinary actionstomped and angered the policemen. Legal experts.
Bhubaneswar Police’s announcement of zero tolerance against cops displaying tattoos – regardless of their design or theme – saw many cops on the ground wearing full sleeves and covering their necks to avoid the tattoos being visible. are
SSB official Providing security at important installations including Orissa High Court, CM’s residence, Raj Bhavan, Secretariat and State Assembly. Some bureaucrats and judicial officers recently expressed displeasure over SSB personnel displaying their tattoos at events in the city, prompting the commissionerate to impose a complete ban on tattoos for police personnel, sources said. .
Around 1,100 personnel of various ranks are currently posted under the SSB unit, and a significant number of them – mostly serving in the lower ranks – have had their hands and necks inked, sources said. whose tattoos are love, dragon, lion, religion, rose and skull, etc
Legal experts found this order strange. “Tattoos are allowed in the army which are not offensive. If a police officer tattoos his name or any theme he likes, it should not be objected to by seniors. An officer’s conduct and professionalism should be respected. Expertise should be judged by his duty, not by his duty. Tatoo. This order should be quashed,” said senior advocate Siddharth Das.
However, DCP (Security) Sudhakar Mishra, who issued the order, said that any type of tattoo by on-duty personnel is considered offensive and is an insult to the police service. “We have found that a good number of men in the SSB unit have tattoos on their bodies. The tattoos are offensive, obscene and derogatory in nature. This along with the image of the SSB unit. Odisha Police” said the order.
DCP Mishra has deployed some of his senior staff to track down tattooed cops and ensure that they permanently remove the inked designs from their bodies within a fortnight, lest They will face disciplinary action.

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